What Makes You Smile?

Love your life starting right now!

One of our basic premises here at Courageously Go! is that we never need to feel stuck in our lives.

One way to feel excited about your life is to focus on gratitude. What are you happy and excited about right now? Even if you feel like you don’t feel well or you have had a not so great day- what is one thing that could possibly make you smile…?

Get out your journal and write a…

What makes me smile list! 

Ready? Let’s #Go!

Here is what makes me smile right now…

  1. My husband’s smile
  2. My kittens and all of their fun antics (morning wrestling time, fetching the paper balls time, nap time, help mommy write time while laying on her keyboard, etc…). lol
  3. The beautiful sunny days we enjoy here in North Florida
  4. My job
  5. Hosting great conversations about courage on my Courageously Go! podcast.
  6. The sound of birds in my backyard
  7. Thursday date night with my parents Donna and Joe who we affectionately call “The Rents”.








Your turn. What makes you smile?

Remember that what we focus on grows. Focus on your blessings and what makes you smile and love your life starting right now!

If you feel stuck,

Book some time with me and we will get you loving your life before you know it.




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