What is it Going to Take to Tackle our Community’s Drug Problem? Courage!

Our latest podcast is an interview I did with a very courageous woman, Susan Pitman.

Susan is the Executive Director of Drug Free Duval, a community which is dedicated to freedom from substance abuse for all Duval residents. They are looking toward population-level change through engaging environmental strategies.
The community coalition (formerly operating as Safe & Healthy Duval Coalition) was formed in 2008 by a group of residents and professionals in Duval County who shared a concern about patterns of alcohol and substance abuse among the youth in our communities.
The current staff has more than 35 years of combined experience working with critical issues and finding positive solution to challenges in Duval County schools, homes and communities. Awards it has received include:
•Strategic Prevention Framework, State Incentive Grant Recipient
•Partnership for Success, Grant Recipient
•Florida Top Success Story

Susan and I had an important conversation about drugs in our community and what we are doing about it. You won’t want to miss this podcast!

You can also listen    on iHeart Radio, Spotify, or iTunes.

Thank you Susan!

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