What Does Being Courageous Mean To You?

My first “playshop” I facilitated at our local library. Such fun. Such courage!

I thought it would be fun and insightful to pause and reflect on what being courageous means to us and why we should care…?

I am going to share a few thoughts with you and then I would encourage you to get out your journal and write down whatever comes to you. Feel free to share with all of us as well in the comment section below the post.

What does being courageous mean to me?

1. Trying new things.
2. Driving around in Atlanta in a rental car by myself for the first time.
3. Putting myself out there even when my introverted self really does not want to…
4. Asking to be paid for the valuable work I offer others.
5. To declare to the world “here I am”- take me or leave me (and I am okay with either outcome).

Your turn my friends… What does being courageous mean to YOU?



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