What Does a Sore Throat Have to do with Courage (or lack thereof)?

As a child I had a lot of strep throat infections. My parents took me to many doctors in Honolulu asking if they would just remove my tonsils. They were always told: She will outgrow them”. My tonsils remain intact. I did have a good many more throat infections throughout my young life. For the most part, I do not suffer from them now. I had my last bout with them as a young law school student (do you think maybe I was a little stressed)?

Now, I have always been challenged with speaking up for myself. When in a business meeting, I might feel intimidated and not voice my opinion. I might say yes to obligations that I don’t really want to do.

I have been very healthy of late but just a few days ago in the middle of the night I came down with a sudden tickly sore throat. I wondered what it was about. My husband and I had just gone out for dinner and the day’s newspaper had an article about how restaurant menus are a thousand times germier than a toilet seat. Well…

I had not thought about one of my favorite books in a while but having my throat on fire out of the blue prompted me to take my well worn copy of the late Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life  off the shelf.  What does Louise say about sore throats? Hmm……?






Under throat on p. 186 her book states that the throat is an: “Avenue of expression. It is a channel of creativity”. It goes on to say that throat problems mean: “The inability to speak up for one’s self. Swallowed anger. Stifled creativity. Refusal to change”…

Hmm….. I don’t know about you but I find this most interesting!

What of late have I been stifling? How have I not been expressing myself? When I have I recently swallowed anger. When has my creativity been stifled?

If I am really being honest here, I could respond to these questions.

In no particular order:

  1. I have been wanting a raise for many months (if not years) and have felt too timid to ask for one.
  2. I have been angry at my adult son for not being in contact with me more often
  3. I don’t feel stifled creatively thank goodness.
  4. I do have a pattern of not asking for help and for not asking for the sale (I hate promoting myself) even though I have a lovely book published

So I did something that was a real big deal for me. I asked for a raise! Yesterday afternoon I emailed my boss and asked for the raise. Now, what is the worst thing that can happen? I don’t get a raise. It can only get better from there but even if that is the case – will it kill me? I don’t think so. LOL 😉

You want to know something curious? My sore throat feels much better! I hardly feel any pain at all.

I have not talked to my son yet but I intend to…

Back to the beginning and the title of this post:  What Does a Sore Throat Have to do with Courage (or lack thereof)?

Answer: Quite a lot, evidently! 😉

Good night,


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