We Need to Get Out of Our Heads

If ever there was a confidence killer it is being too much in our heads. I know that sounds funny but what I mean is this: if we spend too much time thinking about things, we won’t actually do anything.

Does this sound familiar…?
1. You are inspired with a great idea and before you do the first thing about it, you have talked yourself out of it.
2. You want to ask someone out for a date but there are many reasons not to and you never do.
3. You have an impulse at a wedding, party, restaurant with a dance floor to get up and move and dance but you think better of it for you worry about how you will look and what people will think of you…

These are just a few examples of over-thinking and I really could come up with many more (and so could you I am sure).

We can be our own worst enemies when we think too much. I can write about this for I am guilty of doing this for much of my life.

The only way out of this kind of analysis paralysis that I know of is just to take action. #Go!

Whatever you are thinking of doing, do it before you talk yourself out of it.

When in doubt, I think it is better to do anything than nothing at all.

This is where courage comes in. We need to work on flexing our courage muscles to do new things and take action when it seems scary or difficult to do so.

We will continue this conversation…

Before I end this post, I challenge you to commit to doing something new today. Challenge yourself!

Let’s #Go!

Debbie DiPietro

AuthorDebbie DiPietro

I am passionate about personal development, books, yoga, travel, cats, my husband, the outdoors, and drinking wine (not necessarily in that order)”. Debbie DiPietro is on a mission: to help women choose courage! She believes that when we live from our hearts by choosing courage, the life of our dreams and a better world for all are possible! For many years Debbie suffered from anxiety and self doubt. She wrote about these issues which caused many years of insomnia in her award winning blog, The Warm Milk Journal. Debbie is a contributing writer for Success.com and author of Short Morning Prayers: A Collection of Heartfelt Prayers to Start Your Day. When she is not at work, she enjoys walking on the beach, drinking a glass of red wine on her back patio, and dreaming up her next adventure! She invites you to choose courage and live confidently and joyfully.

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