The Courage to Not Give Up. A Conversation with Katie Groves

From Katie: “I am almost 54 years old and I am legally disabled due to Neurogenic Cardio Syncope (my brain doesn’t tell my heart to beat correctly all of the time) and Conversion Disorder (very similar to PTSD). On January 5, 2014, I passed out at church 3 times before rescue arrived and spent 1.5 months at different hospitals as they tried to figure out what was wrong with me. Then I spent 2 weeks in a rehabilitation center undergoing physical therapy because I lost the ability to walk or even stand on my own. At that time, I weighed nearly 300 lbs and was considered morbidly obese.

I was in a wheelchair until August of 2014 where I was finally able to stand on my own and walk short distances. My husband Dale, who was also morbidly obese, kept telling me that I would one day walk again and that I had to have the courage to keep trying. I had a physical Therapist come out to my home 2-3 times a week to work with me. I believed that it was so much harder than it had to be because of my weight.

Over the past decade or so, Dale and I tired numerous times to lose weight. Sometimes we did, and sometimes we did not, but no matter the outcome, soon after we got off of the “diets” we would go back to old habits and gain back the weight we had lost and then usually some extra.

In 2015, we discovered a program that taught us how to get our bodies healthy and in turn our bodies would start burning off the extra weight. In less that 9 months I lost 77 lbs and Dale lost 97 lbs. I was still disabled but I began to dream of a future again. I began to have the courage to say that one day I would…. Now 3 ½ years later I have maintained my weight loss, I am walking and I do have an amazing future. Now I help others reach their health and weight goals.


I would like to thank Katie for sharing her story with us. You can listen to our conversation here:


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