The Courage to Make a Move (any move)!

I love the name of this new platform of mine: Courageously Go!™

It is active and it certainly suggests movement. One message I want to share with all of you and I don’t mind repeating it is this:

No matter our age or circumstances, we can always switch things up and make positive changes in our lives. We never need to feel stuck!

All we really have to do is make a move. Any move will do.

I love this definition of confidence: To take a thought and turn it into action.

Perhaps living a courageous life is less about being brave and more about just deciding to move and start doing things (rather than talking about doing them).

Why do we get ourselves stuck and end up not doing anything even when we know we need a change?
The reasons are many. A few are:

1. We are creatures of habit. Change is scary and even when we are not happy at least what we are used to is a form of comfort in a way (strange as that sounds).

2. Perfectionism and the fear of making the wrong decision. Paralysis Analysis is real and can be a huge road block for many.

3. Negative self-talk. We tell ourselves why we can’t do something or why now is not the right time…

Ways to get moving NOW:

1. Decide to take action. Even baby steps. Don’t worry about an action being a “right” or “wrong” move. Just move.
2. Challenge yourself everyday to do one thing that is not part of your regular routine. This does not need to be time consuming. Go to a different Starbucks location, say hi to someone you don’t know, read an article about a topic you don’t usually engage with…
3. Stop worrying about perfectionism and failing. The only way you fail is by not doing anything. When we move and take action, we grow and feel more confident in our abilities. Our life outlook becomes more positive. We regain a zest for life and become more energized. If a decision and consequent action does not reap the best result – just do something else. The main thing is to keep moving.

Now, #Go!


4 thoughts on “The Courage to Make a Move (any move)!

  1. What a great read!! I have worked in the insurance industry for over 20 years since leaving Tafe. I feel there is no more room to move up the ladder. I feel really stuck, 13 years with the same company since February. I just wish I could find something else I could love to do. I want to move on and learn new things! I am searching…

    1. Hi Bobbi,
      Thank you for your comment. When you are not working and taking care of family responsibilities, what do you enjoy doing? Also, what do people ask you for help with or compliment you about? Perhaps those are a few places to look at. I wish you much happiness and joy now and into the future. ~ Debbie Diietro

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