The Courage to Let Go: A Conversation with Cara Beckett

I had the pleasure to interview my friend, Cara Beckett, recently on my show. She is one of the most interesting people I know and I know you will feel the same way after listening to or reading our conversation!

Beginning her training in bodywork in the early 80’s, by 2002 Cara realized that the mind, emotions, energy and spirit played an integral role in the body. After training in a number of mind-emotion healing modalities, she began working with spirit, using first Source Synergy to help people make seemingly magical changes; then a process called QET. Since then, Cara’s work has become more of a synergistic process; working with her own intuition, spirit (what Cara calls Source) while taking clients deeply into connection with their own consciousness.
Her weekly, one-hour talk show on CFBX 92.5 FM has run for most of 15 years (currently titled Consciousness, Ego & Enlightenment.) Cara has had or currently has clients from Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Sweden, the USA, Canada and the Dominican Republic during her coaching career since 2002. Her podcast is available as Undo The Ego on most podcast platforms. Her approach now is highly based on the work of Dr. David R. Hawkins. Cara’s spirituality is interwoven in everything she does. We are spirit. We can be nothing else, even though we might believe that we are nothing but blood and bone.


Thanks Cara!

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Debbie DiPietro:               Welcome to courageously go where we will venture into places we’ve been afraid to go, women at the world. We’re going to start a movement, a movement towards courage. Welcome everyone. My name is Debbie DiPietro. Your host of Courageously Go, and this is the show where we have a conversation about courage at global conversation. I really believe that when we live from our hearts, wonderful things can happen for ourselves, for our loved ones, and for the world. These are our essential truths: I choose courage. I use my voice. I embraced the new I welcome challenge. I continue to grow. I am a woman of action. I courageously go. If any of those resonate with you, then you are most certainly in the right place and I welcome you. Now it’s time to welcome to this week’s guest. Her name is Cara Beckett and a little bit better background, very interesting lady beginning in her training and body work in the early eighties by 2002, Cara realized that the mind, emotions, energy, and spirit played an integral role in the body.

Debbie DiPietro:               After training and the number of mind emotion healing modalities, she began working with spirit, using first source energy to help people make seemingly magical changes. Then a process called QET. Since then, Cara’s work has become more of a synergistic process working with her own intuition spirit, what Cara calls source, while taking clients deeply into connection with their own consciousness. She has her own radio show. She has a one hour talk show on cf Bx, 92 point five FM. It has run for almost 15 years, currently tired titled Consciousness, Ego, and enlightenment. Cara has had a, currently has clients from all over the world, including Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Sweden, the USA, Canada, and the Dominican Republic. During her coaching career, since 2002, her podcast is available and it’s called undo the ego and it’s available on most podcasts platforms now. Her approach now is highly based on the work of Dr David Hawkins. Her Spirituality is interwoven in everything she does. We are spirit. This is her belief. We are spirit. We can be nothing else, even though we might believe that we’re nothing but blood and bone. I’d like to bring her on. Cara Becket. Welcome to Courageously Go!

Cara Beckett:                     and thank you Deb. I’m really appreciating the opportunity to be here in your show and to connect again with you and your listeners. Thank you.

Debbie DiPietro:               Oh, you’re most welcome. I’m, I’ve been excited to reconnect with you. We’ve known each other for a little while now due to the, just the wonderful technology we have nowadays. I think we connected back on a, on a, on a Facebook group, learning about online course creation and then we became friends on our personal Facebook and, and here we are. So I just love today’s technology in that way. You can really connect with people from all over, which I think is tremendous fun. And uh, so let’s just, you know, we’re into the new year now, so I know you have a lot of things interesting things going on, but what are you particularly excited about for 2019?

Cara Beckett:                     Well, I’m really excited about the opportunities that we all have. Like the world is in upheaval out there. You just have to look at the news, but at the same time you can take this as an opportunity to, at the very least be more positive about things to find positive things to focus on. Or You could use this to go more deeply into your spirituality. Either approach will help you make 20, 19 one of your best years ever, if not the best year ever. And it will help the world move forward into a more positive version of the world.

Debbie DiPietro:               Yeah, I would agree with that. And you know, as we all know that you can get kind of stuck on that CNN cycle or reading the news, the notifications on your phone and it can, it can kind of be either bring us down. So. So what would, what would you recommend to us to stay positive and uplifted despite all the news and in this new cycle we’re currently in?

Cara Beckett:                     Well that’s actually a fairly complex question. It sounds so easy, right? Just write positive. What I would say to you instead is to learn to get out of your head. It’s your head that’s negative. It’s your hand that’s fearful. Get down into your body, get into your spirit and things will look very, very different from that perspective.

Debbie DiPietro:               No. Yeah, I, I, and then. And what would be a good first step? I mean, I guess getting a meditation and I know that I’m, I’m one that that is, I have struggled with that for so much, you know, I have a very active mind, you know, ruminating especially at night and I am getting better about having a meditation practice and that’s helping me a lot and also if I can discipline myself, Cara, keeping the phone out of the bedroom at night and not putting on my cnn app or the various apps I have or even on twitter and getting the latest news at 11:00 PM when I should be getting my brain ready for sleep. That’s not the best approach. You know, it’s, it’s definitely not. I’m going to have to that in, in two parts. Okay.

Cara Beckett:                     What I do at night is I listened to an inspirational or spiritual audio, audio shanty, for instance, put sewed audios and then I can just focus on that instead of letting my mind around loose. In terms of getting into the body or into the spirit meditation. Yes. Many people think meditation is the only way. It’s not the process of yoga. Nih dre is the total body relaxation. That’s a process that will help you get down into your body. There’s a number of audios out there. I’ve got several out myself that talk you more into a feeling of your body. A much similar but more deeper. That’s a better word, deeper than the audios we used to get back in the 19 seventies and eighties. I know I’m dating myself here, but I was. I was a nervous mess back then, which is how I know about this now.

Cara Beckett:                     Back then it was, well feel your arm getting heavy. It’s heavier and heavier and it was okay, but there’s certainly a number of audios out there that will help you relax more deeply into your body now so that you can sleep and being in your body like that and listening to some kind of very positive but quiet audio, not a Rah Rah Rah kind of audio. I just shanti that I mentioned there. He’s a really good one because he doesn’t tend to have a lot of audience interaction, so the volume tends to stay quite similar as opposed to having an audience laughing and something like that at night can keep you away off the CNN cycle and much more focused on who you really are on. That can give you a lot of courage to go forward in the morning.

Debbie DiPietro:               Oh, that’s great idea. I really, I don’t really do much meditating at night. I’m, I have a nice morning routine where I have found some nice things on Youtube or even  Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey have teamed up. You might be familiar with their programs, you know, and, and they, they have, they have that. That’s kind of a nice, a nice way to start the day and there’s always a good message for us to kind of meditate on mentally and I find that helpful. So. So I’m, I’m interested in you. You just have such an interesting background. So. So let’s start off with what about the bottom a work? Is that something you’re still doing with your clients and what does that entail?

Cara Beckett:                     I don’t really do body work anymore. I, I did some training in polarity therapy and a few other different body work modalities and they’re great and then I did some coaching training, NLP hypnosis in particular, and they’re great and then I learned more about energy work and in terms of working with someone’s body that would be more of what I do now such as Donna Eden’s work or touch for health where you go through and you make sure the muscles as a body are all talking to each other correctly or doing a complete reset of the body’s energy systems. That can be really helpful, especially if a person is very tired or if you’re injured.

Debbie DiPietro:               No, I know they. You’re able to work with people just on the Internet. Right. Because I’ve worked with you before when I was really grieving the loss of my cat last year. It was really amazing. We just got on Skype together and you know, maybe you can explain that because that was really, really something and it was very helpful to me in, in, and I’m sure there are a lot of people out there that, that have never heard of this kind of work before, but it’s, it’s, it’s quite healing and it’s amazing what you can do, how you can help people. It’s kind of unique. I don’t think a lot of people understand it or know about it. So I’ll just, maybe you can explain that to us a little bit.

Cara Beckett:                     Well, that’s working more at the level of spirit. Okay. And some time ago, it sounds so counter intuitive. I might take a few minutes down to this question, so I hope that’s okay. Absolutely. We have time. Okay. When you talk someone down and into their body and out of their head, the head is no longer running the show or what most of us would call the ego. It’s not running the show and with that you can get a person deeply in touch with how they really feel at the body level, not the head level. And at the body level, you can make amazing changes very, very quickly because you’re finally focused where the real issue is. If you’re still in your head and your head chattering about this, that or the other, then you just kind of go in a circle. But if you can sink down into the body and actually feel the body sensations of the emotion, it’s an amazing thing because as soon as you start to feel them, they will start to loosen up.

Cara Beckett:                     Now doing that work in your own can be challenging. It’s not something I recommend that listeners just leap right into. However, if you’re working with someone else who is also deeply in their body with practice, you will be able to make a connection with the other person and that other person can almost act like a ground for you. Yeah, my app. Yeah, and by acting as that ground, your energetic reactions that are floating around in your body are able to dream through the other person’s ground. At least that’s the best way I’ve been able to come up with it. And at the same time, I don’t think it’s just energetic. I think it’s a meeting of two people at a very spiritual level that they’re moving closer to becoming the one we hear about how we’re all one. This is a practical application. I’m thinking of people moving closer to becoming one so that the helper can help the other drain, that negative emotion or that disabling emotion and help you become free. Now that person can’t force you to do it. Yeah.

Debbie DiPietro:               You have a willing. Yeah. Right. Yeah. That’s a good way of putting it and that’s really how I experienced our work together last year over my cat and it was. It really was kind of like that are becoming one and you even picked up and even though we don’t see, we don’t converse very regularly, you just somehow picked up how hurt I was over the loss of my beloved cat last year, mew and and you reached out to me and in the end and it was kind of like out of the blue, you reached out to me and you’re like, Debbie, do you want to go on a call with me? And it’s not like I’ve ever do any. I’ve never really done anything like that before in my whole life, but there you were and I, and I guess I was open minded enough to say I didn’t even know what it was you were offering me to be honest, but like I’m like, okay, I trust it. I, I, I know, I know you’re a good person. I trust this and I was really in pain and in and the. It was in a really interesting process. You, it was like it. Even though we live thousands of miles away from each other, it was like you were just with me going through that, right? Yes. Yeah.

Cara Beckett:                     That is exactly how it works. And once you down and into your body and a deep enough level, it turns you into a very well. Even an empathic person is a bit of an understatement because you can feel the emotions in another. Even though they’re, as you say, thousands of miles away and you just, you just pick it up and you feel it. You don’t have to carry it, but you feel it. And I will say it does have its disadvantages until I learned to get my ground deep enough and strong enough. I went at one point, I went to a show and it was a live show of music from the 1950. So this was, I mean I must’ve been the youngest person there and I was sitting in the back row and people around me were very excited and I was so thankful I was in the back row because my body was literally being thrown by ways of emotion.

Cara Beckett:                     And fortunately the fellows that I was sitting with was another healer in his ground, has always been very, very strong. And he just reached out and grabbed my hand and I just felt all this energy moving through my body down into the floor. And it was like. So yeah, learning to be a big ground. And if people, if my clients learn to be a big ground as well, all those things that keep you awake at night, all those things that make you nervous and upset, it becomes a lot easier to just let those flow through you and be gone. Interesting. And I had that thought when I was working with you because you were taking a lot on, you were taking kind of, if you will, receiving my pain and my negative emotions and I’m thinking of you. I’m like, well, how is Cara? You know, it just seemed like that was a lot so that there you must have a lot of tools for yourself to keep yourself strong and grounded as you’re doing this very important healing work for other people, for your clients is, it’s, I, I, that’s just tremendous.

Cara Beckett:                     As I work with clients, I generally end up teaching them to make their ground stronger and stronger. So I take on less each time, if that makes sense. And that does. Yes. Yeah. At the beginning it’s like I don’t want anyone to see me. I try not to do in person work. I try not to do a lot of video work because people might be horrified if they see their emotion, for instance, throwing me backwards in their chair. But it’s funny, you know, like a one year old, I’ve got a granddaughter, she just turned one. She’s adorable. The other day she stuck her fingers way back in her mouth and promptly threw up and it meant nothing to her. She just kept on going like. Because if it meant nothing and as adults we go, oh, I must be wrong. Exactly we do. But in my case it’s like I’m that one year old and the body might get thrown around or not because I’ve got to be a better ground. There’s less reaction in me, but it means nothing. So I don’t want people to see it because they’d be horrified. But it means nothing. Literally. It’s like I’m one year old and so.

Debbie DiPietro:               Well it’s very unique but very important work that you’re doing. So thank you and I before we still have time, but I don’t want to forget. If people want to do learn more about what you do and possibly work with you, how would they reach you? I want to know a one our listeners to know how know if there’s a website or a social media platform where, what should people, how can people find you?

Cara Beckett:                     Probably the easiest way is Facebook, Cara Beckett. I don’t think there’s too many of us out there. I also have a group undo the ego on facebook, so if you’re in doubt about which back at checkout the Facebook group, undo the ego. And also this is moving more into the area of Dr Hawkins work. My website is undo the or rather my main website. I also have a secondary one which I haven’t kept up. You know how it goes. I love a loving

Debbie DiPietro:               Alright. And I, I know you mentioned this, this David Hawkins, and this is an important part of your training and in the work that you do. So let’s, while we have some time, what is, what is his teachings all about?

Cara Beckett:                     Well, he wrote a book in the early two thousands, late 19 nineties called power vs force, and it was fairly controversial. He used muscle testing, which was the controversial part, to lay out levels of consciousness from zero being dead to 1000 being at the level of Jesus or Buddha, and it’s a lot of rhythmic scales. So a small change on the scale or sometimes called the map or the levels of consciousness makes a big difference. Now, as part of his teachings, he also talks about how to let go of the ego, that it’s the ego that makes us unhappy. It’s the ego that’s running those programs that keep people awake at night. It’s the ego that’s in our head. It’s the ego that does this knee jerk reaction. And I just found that so inspirational, so, so helpful. I’ve never heard of enlightenment until I read his work and as soon as I

Cara Beckett:                     saw that I’d have to take that back, but I won’t go into the details on that. As soon as I heard about enlightenment, I just had to do something further with it and when I found his work, it was like, okay, here’s a pathway that I can follow and he’s put out quite a body of work and while he always regarded his map, but the levels of consciousness as his most important work along with the idea that you can muscle test and find out the good in something. For me it was the idea, the whole concept that we have an ego of being in our head and that that’s what’s been running things and it doesn’t have to be that way. There is a better way, and then from that I was able to find the better way, which was the work I’ve done with sort of synergy and Magic that led into my own work here. So I do recommend reading his work. It’s not for everybody. A lot of his books are very difficult to read. I have to say that it’s just, I found them so incredibly helpful.

Cara Beckett:                     Okay, well we’re going to run out of time. . I just got the few minute warning here, but you know, this idea of enlightenment or even just removing, it’s harder to remove the ego but at least not have the ego run our lives and how that mind that monkey mind always going and, and you know that that just sounds so lovely. If I, if for for many of us who, you know, we live busy lives and there’s a lot of anxiety and stress that goes on for most of us on a daily basis. What can we, for the late video, most of us out there are really is advanced in, into this stuff like you are, but just for, for, for just a regular everyday person. Is there something you can advise us to do too? I know we mentioned meditation early in the conversation, you know, enlightenment. Is that something? And now we’re at. We have two minutes left, so maybe just a few sentences of, you know, what we can do if we wanted to explore this further,

Cara Beckett:                     well, the first thing I would do is say, learn to go into your body because that seems to be the fastest way of getting out of your head. Meditation is using your mind to try to force yourself out of your head. I would suggest using your body and from there still the emotions of the body, not to egos, chatter about them and let them go from there.

Debbie DiPietro:               I know we’re almost out of time. When you say use your body, what is that mean exactly? Because I. I’m trying to visualize that for. For our listeners out there, what does that mean is I’ve been going for a walk. Does that mean doing yoga stretches? What is using?

Cara Beckett:                     What do you mean? When you can move your consciousness, which is normally weigh up in your head, normally from your eyes, go through a process of first feeling your shoulders, working your way down, feeling your way down through the body, not visualizing

Cara Beckett:                     It’s feeling. Feel your toes right now. I bet you weren’t even aware of them until I mentioned it.

Debbie DiPietro: That’s true. Okay. Yeah, yeah. Interesting. Well, we will have to have you back.. I think we can spend another half hour or so just talking about this very thing. Very interesting and I wish we had more time with you, Kara. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and your beautiful, wonderful energy and in sharing your time with us on this, on this beautiful January day. Thank you. Thank you. And Ladies Out there and and gentlemen, thank you for listening to our show this week. I am Debbie DiPietro. You’re welcome to check out what I’m up to on my website, credits that I have a couple of interesting online courses right now, including a challenge to try new things for the new year, so check me out at and ladies, until next time, remember this, it’s our time to shine. Let’s make it so and courageously go !


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