Courage Opens Doors

Courage opens doors. I know this to be true. When I turned 50 September of 2016, I decided to choose courage- to dedicate my life to courage. Since then, what has happened? 1. I got my first book published. 2. I started my popular podcast which is now on IHeartRadio and Spotify. We are now Read More

What I Believe

This photo was taken of me almost a year and a half ago (September 26th 2016) on my 50th birthday. I decided on that day that there is nothing more important than courage. I was inspired by a quote from the late  Steve Jobs, who spoke at the commencement ceremony of Stanford University in 2005: Read More

I Am Choosing Courage!

  Welcome to Courageously Go!™ I am glad you are here! It dawned on me recently that the most important thing we can do is to choose courage. You see, almost a year ago I celebrated my 50th birthday. I realized on that day that if we don’t live courageously, that is – from our Read More