My Heart Breaks When…

My heart breaks when:

We are focused on politics rather than quality of life.

When people feel like they are stuck and have no way to change their life circumstances,

When teachers are not supported,

When women are exploited,

When children grow up feeling entitled and somehow missed the self-responsibility part….

My heart breaks that we are divided and not united,

That we somehow are getting used to violence in our community’s schools…

I don’t respect lip service when there is no integrity

and anybody who does not read or think for themselves I want to spend some time with them

and show them another way…

I think now more than any other time in world history it is time for us to have the courage to

step it up and speak out and defend:

Our planet’s right to be healthy

Our children’s right to grow up without the burden of debt

The importance of valuing every worker no matter their education level, gender, or age…

It’s time we speak up and share what we really think and feel.

If there is ever a time to look within and know what we are really about (and then communicate that with the world) it is now.

Share your heart…

Our hearts (all of our hearts) need to speak and listen.

With every beat of our heart is a reminder that we are alive and we have power.

Never be afraid to shine. The world needs your light.



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