Love Your Life Today #Go!

I am at a time in life when I am starting to distill down to what is most important to me. There is simply no time to waste. I have discovered the power of #Go.

What does #Go mean to me?

1. That we need never feel stuck in our lives. No matter our age or circumstance, we can always switch things up. #Go

2. We are not meant to be so sedentary. It is essential for our physical and emotional health to move as much as we can. #Go

3. There is no better classroom than travel. Life is an adventure and it’s important to discover new places and see the world. #Go

That’s it. Years of studying self-help books and writing in the personal development realm- and that is what I have: #Go!

I believe that if we practice #Go in our lives every day, we will live more confidently and joyfully.

I challenge you to on a daily basis:

1. Take action on your ideas and goals (even baby steps)- you will get momentum. #go

2. Get out of your seat and take a walk. Stretch. Exercise while watching TV at night. #Go

3. Plan an adventure. Where in your town have you never visited? Your state? Our country? The world? Get out some maps and travel guides and have some fun dreaming (that is the first step).

Your life awaits you. Now, #Go!


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