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At it’s heart Courageously Go! is a conversation and a movement towards courage. No matter our age or circumstance, we can always switch it up just a bit – if we choose courage.

Hello everybody! My name is Debbie DiPietro and I can tell you what I am not:

I am not a mountain climber (although that would be awesome)

I am not a brain surgeon (how cool would that be)?

I am not a skydiver (and I have no desire to be)

Nor am I a kick ass entrepreneur… (not yet, anyway)…

The morning of my 50th birthday.

So, this is me. I am a suburban mom from Jacksonville, Florida who decided on her 50th birthday that all of the important things in life (the really good stuff) start with courage.

After many years of having a nice life but not really putting myself out there in any risky or meaningful way… I committed to making courage my compass and as I set courage as my north star on my compass – really cool things began to happen…

I met really awesome people (such as Dave Van Hoose, Dustin Matthews, and Dr. Gayle Carson),

My beautiful book, Short Morning Prayers, was published by Boulder, Colorado’s Blue Mountain Arts (it does not get any cooler than that and I am very thankful).

I started this podcast and I have spoken to some business groups (me, the introverted Debbie)!

My point in all of this is to share with you that anything is possible when we choose courage.

I have been doing my podcast, Courageously Go! with Debbie DiPietro now for about a year and a half. I am so humbled by the amazing women that I have interviewed such as:

Shannon Miller, the most decorated women’s USA gymnastics athlete of all time.

or Judy Carter who is an amazing comedienne but encourages us all to share our stories and have empathy for others…

There is my friend Julie Steelman who travels the world and takes the most amazing photos of animals around the globe and mentors women on how to become empowered financially…

My friend Cathy Hempel tells us what it is really like in the classroom for public teachers these days…

And my best friend from my stay at home Seattle, WA days, Michelle Georgeson and her child Blake Georgeson let us in on how it was to be conservative and life-long members of the Church of the Latter Day Saints and have Blake come out as LBGTQ.

I could also mention the conversation I had with Virginia Sole-Smith about our life-long struggle with food…

and Sierra Anderson who is scaling the mountains of Europe as a member of our USA SKIMO team.

I truly could go on and on because I have had the honor and pleasure to have so many interesting and courageous guests on my show (at this writing, 71 episodes all together).

I would like to keep the conversation going because I believe:

1. Our world will be healthier when women feel empowered and are using their voices.
2. When we have these conversations we realize that we never need to feel stuck or alone and that this world really is not so big after all…

I am inviting you to help me keep the conversation going!

Patreon came onto my radar recently and I think it is a great platform to come together on.

Here is my Patreon Page link: Check out Debbie DiPietro’s Patreon here!

Here, you will have a chance to help keep this conversation going, get a behind the scenes peek into my podcast if you so choose, and become a sponsor on the show.

I never in a million years thought I would be the host of a popular podcast (we had 130,000 listeners last year). but here I am.

I am thankful for this opportunity and hope you all will join me as patrons.

Check out the podcast on whatever your preferred listening platform is for we are on many!

iTunes (and a review here would be amazing for reviews on iTunes really helps the show’s reach in a big way)/

I am also honored to be on iHeart Radio, Spotify, and Spreaker.

Let’s keep the conversation going! I am inviting you to join me on Patreon where you can become a member at whatever level you choose… if you want to get a behind the scenes peek at the podcasting world or become a sponsor or simply offer a few dollars to support this project, I welcome you.

I am so excited to see where this project leads us. I hope you become a part of the conversation and movement… a movement towards courage. Cheers!

Become a patron/member today!

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