Just in Time for the Holidays – An Interview with Peterbrooke Chocolatier Brooke Joyner







If you live in the Southeast, chances are your mouth will water if you even hear the name Peterbrooke. For Peterbrooke, to many of us from these parts means melt in your mouth luxury chocolate in many delectable forms: chocolate covered popcorn, chocolate covered graham crackers or Oreos or potato chips… Chocolate covered strawberries and pretzels. Don’t forget about the rich homemade real ice cream and specialty items such as chocolate covered wine bottles for special occasions…

Brooke Joyner’s mom Phyllis Geiger opened up the first Peterbrooke store in the Jacksonville area in 1983. Naming the store after her son and daughter, “Peterbrooke” strove to bring joy to the world the best way Phyllis knew how: through chocolate.

I always find it interesting learning about a business and how it got its start. Brooke is the owner and operator of the only remaining independently owned Peterbrooke stores (the others are franchises).  I know you will enjoy the conversation I had with Brooke recently. She is so sweet and fun (like her business)!

Thank you Brooke, for being with us on Courageously Go!

You can visit Brooke’s store in Atlantic Beach at 363 Atlantic Blvd or visit their Facebook Page and Instagram.







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