It Takes Courage to Try New Things

Bird watching is a hobby I have always been interested in. What about you? 


Is there anything in your life you have always wanted to try, but never got around to it? Perhaps you were afraid that it would be too hard, that you would look silly, that it was too expensive, you did not have the time for it, or…. (the list could go on for there are always a million reasons not to do something).

We are creatures of habit, and therefore we are going to have to make an extra effort if we wish to break out of our comfort zones and try new things.

If we can do this, we will reap many benefits. Doing new things can help us:

  1. Think better (according to Harvard Medical School).
  2. Increase our creativity.
  3. Improve our confidence.
  4. Help us focus on our most important values.
  5. Expand our life experience

These are just a few….

If there are so many reasons to do new things, why do so many of us stay “stuck” in our same old routines (even if we are less than thrilled with our current circumstances). As I said upfront, humans are definitely creatures of habit. It is easier to do what is familiar for us. Security and safety is very important. Social acceptance is as well. Our environment and culture plays a role as well. It can be an uphill battle to be that black sheep in a meadow of white sheep.

This won’t be the first post about trying new things that I write on this blog (we are in fact, just getting started) . I believe that trying new things is absolutely essential to our becoming the most confident and joyful people that we can be. Trying new things I have no doubt will help lead you on a path of adventure and meaning. The stuff that counts.

As 2019 approaches, I have decided that this is the year that I am going to do something new each day. I invite you to join me! I have just launched my Courageously Go! Into the New Challenge. We are in pilot mode and you can join us now for 50% of if you use the code: “Pilot” (Expires January 1 at midnight).





Learn more about this challenging at our brand new College of Confident Living.

The doors of opportunity are open. You have to however, go through them to make a difference in your life.










2 thoughts on “It Takes Courage to Try New Things

  1. Hi Debbie,

    Totally agree. Without confidence it’s going to be difficult to set that first step to whatever it is you want to achieve. All the other good things in life stem from taking that first (courageous)step.

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