It Takes Courage to have Faith

It takes courage to have faith…

When circumstances look less than stellar

and our minds tend to ruminate in the cellar

For we are afraid and that is the conditioned response…

I believe there is a much better option and that is to

Choose Courage

Choosing courage is to choose faith. It is being in the dark and not knowing where you are walking but trusting that you will come out at the other end in the light. It might mean creating massive change in your life and jumping off that cliff and knowing in your heart that you will land in a better place.

Choosing courage means to trust the unknown, take action without knowing the definite outcome…

Choosing courage is having faith. Faith keeps us truly alive and growing. Our hearts and souls know that is where the sweet spot is.

Follow your heart and your light…

If your mind tries to keep you from your courage and having faith (by ruminating, worrying, being fearful, telling you “it can’t be done” or some other message of doom) know that your are not your mind. You are your heart and soul and you can tell your mind this:

I choose courage and I have faith!

Feel it with conviction and it will be so.

It is our turn to shine.

Let’s make it so,

And Courageously Go!


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