It Takes Courage to do these Ten Things in Life

It takes courage to:

  1. Travel to an exotic part of the world
  2. Pursue a new job
  3. Go back to school
  4. Start dating again after being single for a long time
  5. Raise children
  6. Let grown children live their own lives (give them space to make their own decisions and experience their own success and failures)…
  7. Keep quiet when we disagree with our spouse or our spouse is irritating us
  8. Start a new hobby or business
  9. Move to a new home or town
  10. Assert ourselves

I could continue with this list for a very long time for you see, I believe that in all things in life, it all starts with courage. It really does!

Here at Courageously Go!™ we are going to together unpack this topic of courage and get it out in the open through discussion, courses, and support.  The more we choose courage, the more we flex and strengthen our courage muscle. Movement and action will bring us greater confidence and joy. That’s the sweet spot right there. That is why I feel so passionate about living the most courageous life possible.

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I am very excited about beginning this journey with all of you.

It’s our turn to shine. Let’s make it so,

and… Courageously Go!™





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