Increase Your Energy For a More Courageous Life #Go!



Energy is so important. Without it, we can’t do all that we want to do with our lives. Whether it is work or play, we need good energy to perform activities.

I have been reading and re-reading the wonderful business book by Evan Carmichael, Your One Word.

The premise is that we can take one word and have that be the foundation of our business and life. After giving it much consideration, I have decided that my one word is #Go!

What I believe about #Go!

  1. We need never feel stuck in our lives. We can always change it up. #Go!
  2. We are not meant to be so sedentary. It is important to move and be as active as we can be. #Go!
  3. Life is meant to be an adventure. There is no better classroom than travel. Explore new places. See the world!  #Go!

Moving forward, the content you find here at Courageously Go! is going to support these three guiding principles which make up my belief about #Go!

    This is me at St. Pete Beach, FL


So back to good energy (#Go!™ principle number two). What can we do to ensure that we have good energy?

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Get a good night sleep
  2. Get plenty of exercise during the day
  3. Drink lots of water
  4. Eat a healthy diet
  5. Plan adventures that get you excited
  6. Do work that gets you excited
  7. Decide right now that you have an awesome life. Keep a gratitude list in your journal to remind yourself of all of your blessings.

Wishing you great energy and an awesome life.




AuthorDebbie DiPietro

I am passionate about personal development, books, yoga, travel, cats, my husband, the outdoors, and drinking wine (not necessarily in that order)”. Debbie DiPietro is on a mission: to help women choose courage! She believes that when we live from our hearts by choosing courage, the life of our dreams and a better world for all are possible! For many years Debbie suffered from anxiety and self doubt. She wrote about these issues which caused many years of insomnia in her award winning blog, The Warm Milk Journal. Debbie is a contributing writer for and author of Short Morning Prayers: A Collection of Heartfelt Prayers to Start Your Day. When she is not at work, she enjoys walking on the beach, drinking a glass of red wine on her back patio, and dreaming up her next adventure! She invites you to choose courage and live confidently and joyfully.

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