If you are here from The Warm Milk Journal, Welcome!

If you intended to visit The Warm Milk Journal and you ended up here, I welcome you to Courageously Go!

In many ways, this platform is simply an extension of the WMJ. Life is not static. We all grow and move in other directions. The Warm Milk Journal for the last eight years has been a place where I found my voice, healing, a new career, confidence, a better night sleep, and many new friends from all around the world. Now, I am more excited about focusing on courage, confidence, and living a joyful life (instead of the focus being on sleep,insomnia, and anxiety).

Like many creative types, I have lot’s of ideas and theoretically, I could juggle many different blogs. I could choose to keep the WMJ going with a focus on getting a good night sleep. I also have aspirations to write about wine, food, and travel. I would love to have a blog devoted to prayer and spirituality. I have also contemplated creating a platform centered all around playful living. The list goes on, really. I am a writer and my brain is a fountain of ideas.

Alas, there are only so many hours in one day and I need to just choose one platform to work from. As much as The Warm Milk Journal has been “my baby”, I am at least for now going to express myself on this new platform, Courageously Go! To learn more about this new project, I invite you to read the about home page. I will however, keep the WMJ domain in case I ever wish to re-open it as a separate platform.

I know that here you will still find a similar style and voice since I am the same person as the Debra you read on The Warm Milk Journal. What can you expect?

I am going to use this as my main platform to:

1. Promote my new Courageously Go! podcast.

2. Share insights about living a courageous, confident, and joyful life.

3. Share popular past posts from The Warm Milk Journal

4. Anything else I feel like writing about: personal essays, passions, prayers, verses, stories from my adventures and travel, etc.

5. Coming soon! In the works is a project I am very excited about..The College of Confident Living… I will share with you when ready.

Thank you for your support and being here. Life is precious and I am honored to share the journey with you.


Debbie DiPietro

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