I Will Never Forget Losing My Mother to Alzheimer’s: A Conversation with Elaine Pereira


Within the span of only a few years, author Elaine C. Pereira was forced to cope with the deaths of her sister-in-law, brother, father and the rapid decline of her mom. But the most difficult challenge of these life-changing events was the time spent as a caregiver when her mother struggled with and eventually surrendered to Alzheimer’s.

The experiences, both tragic and funny, and lessons learned during this journey of compassion led Pereira in her early retirement years to write a book on the experience, I Will Never Forget:  A Daughter’s Story of Her Mother’s Arduous and Humorous Journey Through Dementia.

Pereira is committed to advancing Alzheimer’s awareness and dispelling the myths about dementia through community presentations, speaking engagements and book sales. She donates from each book sold to help support Alzheimer’s research.


Thank you for this important conversation, Elaine!


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