I Am Humbled and Thankful…

Do you know the feeling you get when you have climbed a very steep trail and you get to the top? How do you feel? You are thankful that you made it, right? And you enjoy the view (while catching your breath). That is how I am feeling these days with my podcasting project here at Courageously Go! Last fall, I started this adventure without knowing what I was getting myself into, really. I still have a lot to learn about podcasting, but what I know is this: it is a blast and a magnificent adventure.

Each week I get to talk with a special guest about courage and all of the ups and downs that women around the world share…

This is a global conversation after all. This world is really smaller than we think it is.

I continue to be humbled and thankful for the amazing women who have some some time with us on our show.

Here are a few notable guests and in future posts I will highlight more of you (you are all awesome)!

Thank you to our most recent guest, Denyce Gartrell, who is one of the most intelligent women I have met. You will be fascinated as you listen to us talk about why males and females do what they do in relationships, and how gender brain differences impact our communication, perspectives, and essentially our lives.

Listen to replay here on IHeartRadio or Spreaker.

Other great episodes to tune into:

My dear friend Karen Zizmer-Demuth who shares a heartbreaking and heart-inspiring story of what it is like to raise a little boy with Downs Syndrome and no esophagus. She is one of the most courageous women I know and is doing great things in our community including raising funds for a special music program that helps kids with disabilities.

Listen here on IHeartRadio or on Spreaker.

Lastly, I invite you to listen in on my conversation with my friend from Dublin, Ireland, Magdalena Moryson. Among many topics, we talk about her post-partum depression and the challenges of transitioning to life in Ireland from her home in Poland. You won’t want to miss this. Courage is a universal quality and this is indeed a global conversation!

Listen to me and Magdalena on IHeartRadio or Spreaker.

The title of this post is I am humbled and thankful because I truly am! I am thankful for this opportunity, the quality and courage of my guests who come on and share their stories, and all of you who are taking the time to listen to our podcasts or read these blog posts.

To have just started a few short months ago and now we are on IHeartRadio is amazing! I know there are amazing things on the way!

Stay tuned!



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