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On our most recent podcast, we did something a little different. My producer, Joe Dobzynski, interviewed me. I am excited about the coming new year and I invite you to join me on a special challenge I have designed with you in mind… It is called Courageously Go! into the New. Listen to our conversation here to learn more or you may read our transcribed conversation.

Let’s #Go!

I am Debbie DiPietro, the host of Courageously Go, and I’m so excited, and glad that you are here. Our mission is this: To facilitate a global conversation about courage. I believe that when we live from our hearts by choosing courage, the life of our dreams, and a better world for all are possible, no matter our age, or circumstances, we never need to feel stuck, or alone.

Debbie DiPietro:             I believe in these essential truths: I choose courage, I use my voice, I embrace the new, I welcome challenge, I continue to grow, I am a woman of action. I courageously go. If any of these statements resonate with you, you are most definitely in the right place, so welcome, and we’re going to do something a little bit different today.

Debbie DiPietro:             I am actually going to turn the reins over to Joe Dobzynski, and he is the host of ThirtyFour-50, and also producer, and wizard, and magician, and helper for my show Courageously Go. Joe, welcome to Courageously Go.

Joe Dobzynski:                  Oh Debbie, thank you very much. It’s always an honor to be on your show, and listen to your show, and produce your show, because you bring such an exciting future look on everybody out there.

Debbie DiPietro:             Oh well, well thank you for that, and I thank you for just making this so easy for me when you, and Dr. Carson approached me about exactly a year ago. So, this is really, we’re kind of celebrating our first anniversary, here at Courageously Go.

Debbie DiPietro:             You know, I’d never done anything like this before, but you, and your team there at Amanatee Group, , you made this easy for me, and I’m having the time of my life. This is so much fun, and I don’t think it would be as much fun if I didn’t have someone like yourself to just do the technical things, and let me just do the Debbie DiPietro thing, you know, and it just works.

Joe Dobzynski:                  Well, we know we have a successful show, because you keep drawing people in, and on top of that you bring great insight, you know, the guests into your show, and that creates a whole other agenda of what goes on, and I just am so happy to be able to host on the show.

Debbie DiPietro:             Awesome. Awesome. So, what are we up to today? Why did we bring you on?

Joe Dobzynski:                  Well, I’ll tell you one of the things that I’m looking at is, I follow your show as a producer. So, basically we do that, and we have that little conversation before, and after, and I get to meet these fantastic guests you bring in, but what are you excited about today?

Debbie DiPietro:             Oh goodness. I’m excited about so many things. You know, first of all, this podcast is just so much fun, and it really has been an exercise in courage on my part. I never really thought I could do something like this Joe, actually speak to the world, in a sense when you are working in this medium in radio, and broadcasting, and podcasting, you could be, theoretically the whole world could be listening, right?

Debbie DiPietro:             So, that’s pretty amazing that I am doing that, and I’m for the most part, I’m not nervous, I’m just being myself, and talking with wonderful people. Like, I’m just having fun, and so I’m super excited about where this show is going to take us, and just getting the word out to women, that we can use our voice, that we can step it up, and be courageous, and not worry so much about what other people think of us, and just enjoy our lives.

Debbie DiPietro:             So, I’m really excited about getting that message out. So, that’s just a couple of things, my book, Short Morning Prayers, that was published by Blue Mountain Arts about a year, and a half ago, continues to do well.

Debbie DiPietro:             I just recently found out, that it is now in Cracker Barrel stores, and so that’s pretty big. There are a lot of Cracker Barrel stores along the interstates, in cities in our country, and that’s another, you know, work from the heart, beautiful collection of prayers, and it’s a nice, with the holiday season coming up, that will be a nice gift for any people in your life, and a nice way to start the day communicating with your higher power.

Debbie DiPietro:             So, that’s just a few things, and I have actually something new, new going on. You want to hear about that?

Joe Dobzynski:                  Of course.

Debbie DiPietro:             Okay. Well this is, this is like, brand new. This is probably the first time I said it out loud with anyone, other than my husband, and my two cats, Winston, and Sammy. So, John, and Sammy, and Winston know about this, and now Joe, you, and the the world are going to learn about this, but essentially, I have put together a program, and it is called Courageously Go Into the New.

Debbie DiPietro:             It’s going to be a 21 day program online, where we are going to encourage one another to try new things. Even if it’s little things, like taking a different route to work in the morning, or reading, you know, reading a history book, instead of your usual mystery novel, or going to a different restaurant on date night. Just little things, but every day, we’re going to challenge each other to try something new.

Joe Dobzynski:                  So, will it be the opportunity for people who are part of your challenge, to be able to communicate with you, and other people in the challenge, so they could cross information back, and forth?

Debbie DiPietro:             Most definitely. That’s a great question, and there will be opportunities a few ways. I’m using an online course platform, where there’ll be an ability, it’ll be kind of like a forum, where after each lesson, and challenge, people, including myself, we can comment, and have a discussion underneath that lesson, but I’m also, anyone who is enrolled in this challenge, we’re going to have a secret Facebook group, where we can interact, and build community among each other, and get on some live Facebook video calls, and also on a weekly visit.

Debbie DiPietro:             And I’m going to call it, I’m thinking Wine Wednesday chat. I love wine, but you don’t have to drink wine, but I’m thinking every Wednesday evening at midweek, we’re going to get on, I’ll send out a link, and we will have a live call on Zoom probably, I like Zoom.

Debbie DiPietro:             Also, anyone who’s enrolled in this challenge will have an opportunity to if they want, one on one time with me, just for extra support. I think of myself as a confidence coach, and a joy facilitator. I’m an educator, and a teacher at heart, so I’d be happy to be that person for them if they so feel moved to reach out to me in that capacity.

Joe Dobzynski:                  So, tell your listeners how they can get attached to you, or do they drop you an email? Do you have a signup sheet on your website? I mean how do they get in touch?

Debbie :             Yes. Thank you. Yes, I have a tab on my website, which is simply courageouslygo.com, and it says on the top, ‘The Challenge’, and there’ll be a form, they can sign up, and they can easily enroll in this course.

Debbie:             They can always email me too, which is Debbie@courageouslygo.com. That is Debbie, D-E-B-B-I-E, @courageouslygo.com, and while I’m thinking of it, I have a special promotional code just for our listeners here, just as a special thank you for listening, and supporting this new show this past year, as when they’re enrolling from my website, Joe, if they use the code, the word ‘Courage’, they get a significant discount.

Joe Dobzynski:                  And this starts when Deb?

Debbie DiPietro:             It is starting right now, and so we’re just going to jump into it during the holidays, and in something for the new year, and I’m really excited about it.

Joe Dobzynski:                  Tell us, you know, you seem to change, and you’ve been changing the world in your own special way. You know, as the author of Short Morning Prayers, award winning blogger, public speaker, host of this program, I guess, what inspires you to continue to grow?

Debbie DiPietro:             Yeah, I get asked that. I have a lot on my plate right now, Joe, and I can’t, you know, I have a lot of energy right now. It’s just a great time in life, and I guess after so many years of maybe holding myself back a bit, I really feel like now’s my time to just give to the world, and be a success that I know I could be, and to live big, and step it up.

Debbie DiPietro:             But as far as what really inspires me, probably a few things. It sounds kinda silly, but my two kittens who just turned one, I love just watching them play, and you know, animals are so wonderful, because they’re always kind of just at peace. They go about their lives, they eat, they play, they nap, they don’t worry about the news on the television that night, or worry about whatever’s going on in the world, they just enjoy their lives.

Debbie DiPietro:             So, I get a lot of inspiration just from my cats, in how simple life can be, and so sweet when you’re just, you know, at peace with yourself, and with life. So, that is certainly a source of inspiration, and as far as this whole Courageously Go program, and this new challenge that I’m super excited about for the new year, Courageously Go Into the New.

Debbie DiePietro:             One book, and I mentioned this on my website, and my blog, and I will mention it on my first lesson in this new challenge when people sign up, but a book I do highly recommend, it’s called Courage: The Joy of Living Dangerously by Osho.

Debbie DiPietro:             He’s certainly not conventional by any stretch of the imagination Joe, he can be pretty radical, and I don’t agree with 100 percent of what he says, but he certainly has got me thinking, and I somehow came across this book, when I turned 50, right around my 50th birthday, and he really gets us thinking about this whole courage thing, and he challenges us Joe.

Debbie DiPietro:             Perhaps I have this desire to challenge, you know, other people now. He challenges us, because as human beings, by, and large, we’re creatures of comfort, right? We’re creatures of routine. We love security, even if maybe we’re not completely thrilled with the relationship we’re in, or the house we live in, or the jobs were working at, at least it’s familiar territory.

Debbie DiPietro:             It’s something we know, and change is also scary for so many of us, it’s so scary. So, we often go about our lives, and not really going for the things we want, because we want to stay in our little secure bubbles. Well, Osho, he has a different point of view. He says, ‘Don’t look at it as uncertainty, what if you took uncertainty, and instead thought of it as wonder, and don’t look at insecurity as insecurity, and something to be afraid of, and something to avoid.

Debbie :             Instead of insecurity, instead look at that as freedom, and that really, people who are the most alive are going for risks, and going for things that are uncertain, and really living a life of adventure’, and I guess like deep down, and this probably goes back to your first question, what am I excited about?

Debbie :             I’m probably most excited about living my life as an adventure, in actually being excited about every day, and excited about the years I have left, and hopefully that’s a lot of years I still have left in me, and just enjoying life as an adventure, and really that’s what I want for the listeners of our show, and that’s what I want for the visitors of my website, and the readers of my books, and the people who are going to sign up, and take this challenge with me.

Debbie :             That’s really what I want to facilitate is, let’s live life as an adventure, let’s drink the wine.

Joe Dobzynski:                  Well, with all the challenges you have, and helping other people with challenges, what scares you the most out of your challenges?

Debbie DiPietro:             Yeah, that’s a great question, and I’ll just be honest. It’s really hard for me to promote myself, and probably, we’ve been doing this now for a year together, Joe, and you know, I’ve had, I mean I’ve had Shannon Miller on, I’ve had all these great guests on, really not feeling too nervous, but I’ll be honest with you, probably this one right now is the hardest for me.

Debbie DiPietro:             I guess I’m not nervous, but it’s certainly challenging for me to talk about myself, and to promote myself, and so this is probably a good stretch for me right now, and this is actually taking every ounce of courage that I have within me right now to even do this type of, instead of doing the usual interviewing another guest, and promoting, you know, what they’re up to in their projects, and work, but to actually have this conversation about what I’m excited about, and my project. So, that’s very hard for me.

Joe Dobzynski:                  So, the 21 day challenge, if somebody was to join in, do they have to wait until it begins or can they jump in any time?

Debbie :             Whenever you sign up, you can start, and it’s self paced, but I will always be there, and it’s going to be organic.

Debbie :             You know, I’ll be tweaking things, and changing things, and getting on these live calls every week, no matter when you sign up. So, we’ll always be kind of, you’re never going to be there alone doing this, but for the most part, you know, we’ll be building this community, and especially those people who really sign up early, ’cause it’s kind of like a pilot, right? I’ve never done this kind of thing before.

Debbie :             And it’s exciting, because people that sign up early, will really have a chance to co-create, and collaborate this along with me. Now, I have developed it out, I certainly have an outline, and I certainly have a very clear vision, and a direction of where I want this thing to go, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for the participants to create this along with me, you know?

Debbie DiPietro:             This is not a static thing, right? So, I’m pretty excited about where this will take us, and how we can help each other, and celebrate together, and yeah, I think, and even, go ahead.

Joe Dobzynski:                  Well, the idea, is that you’re encouraging each other to get out of your comfort zone as you said, but I have a quick question.

Debbie DiPietro:             Yes.

Joe Dobzynski:                  In the description that we’ve talked about today, talk about the courage muscles, and what do you mean by flexing those.

Debbie DiPietro:             Yeah. Yeah, that’s just something I came up with, courage muscles, and I really feel like the more we do get out of our comfort zones, Joe, the more we just sort of, do things that we didn’t think we could do.

Debbie DiPietro:             It does a few things, okay? It tells yourself that, ‘I can do this, I could do this’, and with that knowledge, you start sitting up a little straighter in your chair, right? You start standing up a little taller, and walking with a little more strut in your step, because it’s like, ‘Yes, I can do this’, and you’re more confident, and it can even just be little things.

Debbie DiPietro:             It’s like going to the gym, and maybe you haven’t worked out your whole life, or maybe you’ve laid off for a few weeks, and so you start off on a certain set with just 10 pounds, and you build up to 15 pounds, and you get stronger.

Debbie DiPietro:             And I really believe that’s true with courage, and I believe in this, and specifically what this challenge is about. I want to keep it simple, and I want to keep it fun. So, we’re going to challenge each other to just do new things, and doing new things, although we’re not describing it this way, but it’s really facing our fears, isn’t it?

Debbie :             It’s really pushing through, you know, perhaps some things that we didn’t think we could do, in our whole lives, like, I never thought I could do something like this podcast, and you know, since I turned 50, and I chose, and I talked about this previously, but I really made courage my compass, and I decided to dedicate my life to courage.

Debbie :             And in doing that in the last couple of years, I have tried new things, including this podcast, getting, you know, pitching my book, and getting it published, going off on a trip with my husband to Europe, we’d never done that before, and it would have been easy to talk ourselves out of it with all the quote dangers, and things going on in the world.

Debbie :             But we did it, and it was awesome. So, life’s an adventure, and that’s when the courage muscle really comes in, when you feel alive, and you do so by trying new things, and getting that confident level up.

Joe Dobzynski:                  Well, everything that you’ve done, that I’ve known that you’ve done, you’ve always created a better world for people, but let me ask you this, what’s your goal here with the challenge?

Debbie DiPietro:             My goal here, is to build that community, and to encourage not just other people, and other women to do new things, but myself, and I want to step it up. At heart, I’m a teacher. I have my degree in education.

Debbie DiPietro:             I don’t know if you remember Joe when, a year ago, before we started this show, I was a guest on Dr. Gayle Carson’s show, Living Regret Free, and a big part of that wonderful conversation that I had with Dr. Carson, was back then I was facilitating, and hosting play shops for women in my Jacksonville community, and I had so much fun with that, and that was one of the new things that I started doing, challenging myself with, and although I have taken a break from doing that, I just don’t have the time right now.

Debbie :             I’m really doing this show right now, but I love facilitating, I love bringing people together, whether it’s here on this radio show, or in my writings, or the play shops I was doing, and now this challenge, and future online courses.

Debbie DiPietro:             I like to facilitate, and really bringing people together, and having a positive experience, and I remember for seven years, I was actually an elementary classroom teacher, and seeing those little guys, I taught fifth grade for three years, and second grade for four, okay?

Debbie DiPietro:             You know there were some days, let’s face it, that you just go home, and you just, ‘Why am I doing this?’ But then there are days where they just get it, right? And sometimes, it might’ve been a planned out lesson, but oftentimes it was just some spontaneous learning moment in the classroom, and those little eyes light up, and you can sense the energy, and they’re excited about something, and I got goosebumps thinking about it, but that’s what I want for the women that I’m going to be working with on this challenge.

Debbie DiPietro:             I want to facilitate that, I want to facilitate joy. I’m not a big fan of the term, ‘Life Coach’, but I do think of myself as a facilitator of joy, so there you go.

Joe Dobzynski:                  So, will you also have panels on your show, or available so that people can ask like, a group of people who have the same type of issues, or having the same kind of challenges? Are you going to have a panel, so you can like work with them right there, and then, and see where they are?

Debbie :             That’s a great idea, and that might be the weekly, you know, when I mentioned the midweek kind of the wine, the wine chat, wine Wednesday, you know, when we get on a live Zoom call, Zoom is a nice tool, because you can get people, you know, visual people, and Skype as well.

Debbie DiPietro:             But I like Zoom, and we could actually have a panel of people on your computer screen, and I think that would be great. So, that’s a good idea.

Joe Dobzynski:                  That’s great. So before I let you go, I know you have something special to offer your listeners out there.

Debbie DiPietro:             Yes, and I mentioned it before, and thank you for reminding, me because I think it’s important that when you go on my website, and you go, when you sign up for Courageously Go Into the New challenge for the new year, you’ll have a chance to use a coupon code, and it’s just simply the word ‘Courage’, and it will automatically give you $50 off.

Joe Dobzynski:                  And your website? Your website.

Debbie DiPietro:             The website, yes. The website is courageouslygo.com, and I should mention that, that code is only good, it will expire on midnight, January 31.

Debbie DiPietro:             So, that code will be good until January 31 at midnight, and then starting February one, it goes back to the regular price. So, now’s the time to jump in, and try something new.

Joe Dobzynski:                  So, you also have the book out there, Short Morning Prayers. Can you tell people where they can get that as well?

Debbie DiPietro:             Yes, yes. It’s certainly available on Amazon.com. It’s available on Barnesandnoble.com, and it’s funny, it’s available on different outlets. Not all Hallmark stores carry it, but some Hallmark stores do, Cracker Barrel restaurants now do, they have the retail side in their restaurants, and the various eclectic little gift shops out there that carry my book, it’s kind of up to the individual merchants, you know, who carries my book, or not.

Debbie DiPietro:             I’ll have a link for people to purchase the book from my website if they wish to, and come to think of it, I always have a few hard copies available, and I can always get more from my publisher. Perhaps someone wants a personal touch, and if they would like me to hand write a note, a signed note from the author, from me, and I can personally ship it to them, they can order a hard copy from me directly too. I’ll make that possible via my website.

Joe Dobzynski:                  That’s great. Debbie DiPietro has been my guest today on her show mind you, and it’s been a fantastic thing, and discussion, and I’m looking forward to hearing more, and more about the Courageously Go Into the New with you, and I’m going to let you close your show, because you have one of the most powerful endings of any radio show that we have on our networks.

Joe Dobzynski:                  So, I’m going to let you finish it off, and thank you again, Debbie, for letting me have the opportunity to talk to you.

Debbie DiPietro:             Well thank you Joe. It’s been a pleasure. Thank you so much, and thank you everyone out there for tuning in, and joining us today, here on Courageously Go. So ladies, until next time, remember this, it’s our time to shine. Let’s make it so, and Courageously Go.







Join me and Take the Challenge Today!

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