Everybody is Selling Something… A Conversation with My Hairstylist

I believe that some of the best conversations happen in hair salons. In our relaxed states, we feel more open and we have nothing to do but just sit there, be pampered, and talk!

Last week, I did just that: I got pampered and had a delightful conversation with my hairstylist, Tyson Colyer, Master stylist and make up artist at Elysian Salon & Day Spa.

So, Tyson is a bit like me: he is quiet when he is focused on something (that something was my hair having to get all wrapped up in foil for my much-needed highlights). Just a tad bit later, however, we began an interesting conversation…

Tyson, out of the blue, says: “We are all selling something“. That got me thinking… and it did not take me long to agree. We really are all selling something whether it is a product or service we are offering to the public, a much needed and earned raise we are pitching to our boss, the importance of eating veggies to our 6 year old… we are all selling something.

So many of us creative, introverted types (myself included) abhor the idea of selling. I had a recent conversation about this very topic with my friend and author Julie Steelman. She says that there is so much negativity wrapped up with the idea of selling (especially for us women) that we should just start calling it sharing, rather than selling. I loved that idea!

Back to my conversation with Tyson… and by the way, isn’t it lovely to be pampered and have a great conversation with someone you feel really connected to? That brings us to the next little nugget of wisdom Tyson dropped on me this day: there are some people you are connected to and some you are not. He was referring more in a business sense that some clients he has worked with in the past he could never please. He was quite practical about it and chucked it off as that is part of life and not to sweat it… for the good news is that there are people who do connect with you and appreciate you and voila! It just works. They are the folks that you want for clients (if you are a hair stylist and make up artist like Tyson) or if you are just someone who wants good people in your life.

As a recovering perfectionist and people pleaser I am here to say that I agree with Tyson and we just have to get real here. Not everybody is going to get us, adore us, buy from us, marry us, or hire us. They just aren’t. The sooner we realize this, the sooner we can get a good night sleep at night and not fret the stuff that really does not matter.

The third main point we got to was this: it’s all about marketing. Tyson said, you can have the best product or service in the world, but you have to be willing to play the game (so to speak) and market yourself. In today’s world, that means in addition to traditional media (print, radio, tv), you have to go all out on social media and email marketing (which is by no means dead by the way). This one really struck a chord for me, because I have always struggled a bit on promoting myself. I don’t know if that is an introverted thing, a creative person’s thing, or it’s just me. I am actually a social media specialist and I do a great job marketing and promoting my employers’ products and services. When it comes to my book and podcast and other projects…? Let’s just say I have room for improvement!

So here’s the summary:

1. We are all selling something. Let’s think of that as a good thing! We all have talents, skills, abilities, and passions to share with the world and we all need to make a living (bills don’t just get paid and food does not just materialize on the table with goodwill alone). I say, let’s not be afraid to ask for the sale, command a price that is worthy of what we offer, and be willing to pay the services and products of others who improve our lives in some way.

2. We don’t have to please everyone (thank goodness). What people think of us is really none of our business. The good news is there are beautiful people out there in this world who get us, we them, and we just simply connect. There just may be something to this law of attraction after all and it is nothing complicated. It just is.

3. Last but not least, we have to get out of our comfort zones and be willing to toot our horns, hire someone to toot our horns for us, and be consistent in our marketing plans. We are talented and awesome individuals, companies, and organizations. If nobody knows about our products, services, or causes, we will simply be unnoticed (and unsuccessful) because we did not get the right eyeballs, ears, and hearts to pay attention to our important and worthwhile offerings.

Thank you Tyson for making this 52 year old feel beautiful again and for the conversation. I can’t wait to see what is in store when I come in for my next visit!

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