Do You Have a Drink the Wine List?

Do you have a drink the wine list?

The idea came when my brother-in-law Charles very unexpectedly and out of the blue passed last year. When my husband went to clear out his condo he found much clutter, unopened boxes from Amazon, and bottles (many) of great vintage wines from California. Charles used to travel to California on business and he would bring home these wines. The point is: he never opened and drank any of them.

My husband and I vowed from that time on that we would: Drink the Wine! A few months later when it was our anniversary , we created not a bucket list but instead our “drink the wine” list. We committed to doing what we love and to treat each day as if it were Friday.

I am looking at this list we created back in March of 2016 on our wedding anniversary in Virginia wine country a few months after Charles’ passing.

There are many things that we both wrote on this list that we have done now.

Bought a beautiful new home? Check
Traveled to Europe? Check (We just got home from France last month)
My husband doubled his income? Check
I became a published author? Check

My book at our local Hallmark Store (Betsy’s Hallmark in Jacksonville Beach, FL. Such a thrill!

I could keep going. It is pretty amazing when we set our intentions and put it out there what we want in our lives, the life we want does manifest. It is also not just the big things like a new home or a trip to France…

The “little” things we put on our list include: enjoying a loving marriage, drinking good coffee, beer, and wine (of course), enjoying the company of wonderful friends, and treating each day as if it is Friday. Sometimes I think it is really these little things that are the big things.

I invite you to come up with your own drink the wine list (whether you drink wine or not). Check off items when they manifest and add to it as you like (I find our anniversary, New Year’s, and my birthday are great times to take a look and tweak it).

Life is precious and each day is a gift. Let us enjoy. Now #Go!



P.S. God bless you, Charles. We love you and you remain in our hearts.

My husband John and his brother Charles in Atlanta, Georgia – September 2013 (a couple of years before Charles passed).

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