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Course launches coming soon! I spent years in the classroom and have hosted many adult workshops. At heart I will always be a teacher and I love to create and facilitate positive, learning experiences. I am currently developing pilot courses for my Courageously Go! audience. I believe in building real learning communities where there is give and take and ongoing support for all. I wish to offer these courses as a pilot first. This will help me gauge interest, prioritize, and focus on topics where there is the greatest need and interest.

This is your chance to get in on the ground floor and join a collaborative learning community as we together co-create something very valuable and transformational to all involved. Below, I will list out the three courses and please sign up if interested in joining the pilot groups. Once we have enough people interested I will send all who signed up more specific information on getting registered and getting started.

Benefits of joining any of these courses as a pilot student:

  1. A deep discount (compared to what I will be charging when the pilot phase is completed).
  2. A chance to co-create with me and the rest of our cohort and help design the direction of the course.
  3. Be a part of an intimate, supportive community who are going through the same challenges that you are.
  4. An opportunity to work 1 to 1 with me at a discounted rate over my regular hourly rate.

Below are brief descriptions of the pilot courses. Choose any that are of interest to you. For now, you are only joining a mailing list with other interested parties. I will keep you updated with more details when we have enough people signed up to get started.

Courageously Go!™ Into the New Series

A Journey of Discovery, Joy, and Renewal

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new” ~ Socrates

Each course in this exciting new series will offer daily lessons, journal writing exercises, a 30 day challenge, weekly check in group calls (on Zoom or Facebook), access to a private secret Facebook group for sharing and support, and anything else our pilot group comes up with!

5 Specific  outcomes for these courses will be:

  1. Recognize areas where you feel “stuck” in order to transition to a more positive life chapter.
  2. Letting go of what no longer serves you and focusing on what you want for your life.
  3. Practice getting out of your comfort zone and expand your life experience by trying new things.
  4. Experience more confidence and joy.
  5. Become a member of a community of support and accountability to help you get through the rough patches and celebrate the wins.

That is the general framework of each course and below we will customize further so that you will be addressing the specific life challenge that you are experiencing now along with a cohort of fellow students who are as well.

Courageously  Go!™ Into the New After Divorce

This course will help you create a happy new life after a divorce or a break up. Nobody ever gets married thinking that it would not last forever. I sure didn’t when I married my first husband in 1991. Whether your spouse initiated the break up or you did – there are plenty of emotional landmines to navigate: anger, guilt, fear, grief, etc. Join us and we will help you find joy on the other side of a very challenging time in life.

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Courageously  Go!™ Into the New with an Empty Nest

This course will help you create a happy new life after your last child leaves the nest. When my daughter left home to first live with her dad for awhile and then away to go to college I went through a huge emotional upheaval. Inexplicably, I felt heart broken (even though I was happy and excited for her). Join us and we will navigate these unchartered waters of life in the empty nest (hint: the sun does come out again).

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Courageously  Go!™ Into the New After Losing a Job in Mid-Life or Feeling Stuck in Your Current Work Situation.

This course will help you create a happier career for yourself in mid-life.

I more than once changed my professional life up (like way changed it up)! I went from being a stay at home in Maple Valley, Washington where I raised my kids, sheep, chickens, dog, cats, gardened and led my daughter’s girl scout troop to (at age 40)  moving cross country to Jacksonville, Florida to teach school. Seven years later I left education to write and pursue a career in social media marketing. Now I am also hosting a popular podcast, coaching, and building a vibrant learning community here at Courageously Go! If you either feel stuck in your career, you have lost a job recently, or you are looking to reenter the workforce – this is the course for you!

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