Courage Requires a Decision


I don’t think courage just happens. I believe we have to decide to be courageous. Why do I say that? We are humans and it is in our nature to be afraid of the new, to stay with what we know, and doubt ourselves and our abilities. I include myself in this description. It may not be very flattering but I think most of us can relate.

How many times have you complained about your job or relationship you are in but then not do anything about it?

How many times have you had a great idea which you never followed through with?

How many dreams have not come true because you waited for the “perfect time” which never conveniently arrived?

Courage takes a decision. That is all. On my 50th birthday I decided to choose courage as my compass. When I did that, something in me changed. It was subtle, but now as a result of this decision, so many new doors of opportunity (like hosting my podcast)  and  exciting new experiences (like exploring France for two weeks with my husband last Spring) have taken place.

I can’t wait to see what’s next!

It all starts with a decision. Decide to be courageous. Choose courage (before you talk yourself out of it or procrastinate).





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