Courage Opens Doors

Courage opens doors. I know this to be true. When I turned 50 September of 2016, I decided to choose courage- to dedicate my life to courage. Since then, what has happened?

1. I got my first book published.

2. I started my popular podcast which is now on IHeartRadio and Spotify. We are now having a global conversation about courage!
3. I started to focus on what really matters to me and let go of the rest… (learning to say no, giving up perfectionism and the need to please everybody).
4. Because of my new Courageously Go! platform, I have an opportunity to reach a larger audience and I am so excited about that! My aim is to help women around the world find their voice and discover their courage in order to live their most heartfelt and joyful life possible.

I believe that if I had not decided to choose courage as my compass on September 26th, 2016 (my 50th birthday)- many of these wonderful, amazing things would not be happening in my life right now!

By choosing courage, you really have nothing to lose and much to gain. The worst thing that can happen to you is that you do something different and out of your comfort zone for you. What will that result in…? Perhaps a few moments of trepidation and butterflies but then when the thing is done (the act of courage) – you will feel triumphant, unstoppable, and jubilant.

Try it and you will see. That is my wish for all of us…JUBILANCE

Flex your courage muscle beginning right now. Simply decide to do something new within the next 24 hours. Let this be a stretch for you. Perhaps you approach your boss with an idea for your company or you simply take a new route to the office tomorrow. Maybe research a place in the world you have never visited and book a plane ticket (there is nothing like a non refundable airplane ticket to kick your adventure juices into high gear)!

What I have found out to be true is this… each time I have stretched myself and done something that is out of the ordinary for me (aka courageous or extraordinary)… amazing things happen and doors of opportunity open.

Let’s open some doors, shall we?


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