Treat Me Like a Lady: a Conversation with Singer and Songwriter Vshali Sanas

I had the pleasure to speak with a remarkable young woman recently on my show, Vshali Sanas. Listen in or read the transcribed conversation below- you won’t want to miss this one. Thank you, Vshali! Listen on iTunes or Spotify too! Debbie DiPietro: Welcome to Courageously Go! where we will venture into places we’ve been Read More

From Fishing the High Seas to Skiing Mountaintops: A Conversation with Sierra Anderson

This is the second time I have had the privilege to interview this amazing young woman. About seven years ago, I had a nice chat with Sierra about her deep sea expeditions in Alaska and her media production company. These days, Sierra is competing as a member of the USSMA team. When I spoke to Read More

A Conversation with Olympic Gold Medalist Shannon Miller

Listen on iHeart Radio! I had the good fortune to interview former Olympic Medalist Champion Shannon Miller. As the most decorated US gymnast of the Olympic Games, I was a little nervous but as it turns out I had no reason to be. I found Shannon to be very down to earth and approachable. We Read More

Living Our Lives in the Light of Who We Truly Are

I am very excited to have had my friend Magdalena Moryson from Dublin, Ireland on my show recently. We had a great talk which you can listen to here or read our transcribed conversation in this post. Debbie DiPietro: Hello everybody. This is Debbie DiPietro. Welcome to Courageously Go. I am on a mission. I Read More