From Boardrooms to Back roads: A Conversation with Jenni Raney Edwards

DO THE THING YOU FEAR! Jenni Edwards is the author of the upcoming book, Bumping Down Highways and has reached millions of people along her tiny-living journey. Not so many years ago, she had ZERO experience with RV life, but jumped in with both feet. Still, she decided to trade board rooms for backroads and Read More

From Fishing the High Seas to Skiing Mountaintops: A Conversation with Sierra Anderson

This is the second time I have had the privilege to interview this amazing young woman. About seven years ago, I had a nice chat with Sierra about her deep sea expeditions in Alaska and her media production company. These days, Sierra is competing as a member of the USSMA team. When I spoke to Read More

Courage Requires a Decision

  I don’t think courage just happens. I believe we have to decide to be courageous. Why do I say that? We are humans and it is in our nature to be afraid of the new, to stay with what we know, and doubt ourselves and our abilities. I include myself in this description. It Read More

Love Your Life Today #Go!

I am at a time in life when I am starting to distill down to what is most important to me. There is simply no time to waste. I have discovered the power of #Go. What does #Go mean to me? 1. That we need never feel stuck in our lives. No matter our age Read More

When the City of Light Beckons…

Last August (eight months ago), it hit me. I had to go to France– Paris in particular. Why France was calling me, I had no idea. I love good wine, the French language, and have great memories of my brief visit there in the summer of 1986 as a young college student. My husband John Read More