A Conversation with Weight Loss Nation Founder Diane Daniels

From Diane: “My name is Diane Daniels and I’m the founder of Weight Loss Nation I started Weight Loss Nation out of necessity! A lifetime of using food for comfort in between diets – I’ve tried every diet program out there – had left me eighty pounds overweight, and too tired to truly enjoy life. Read More

Turning to Nature for Healing and Bliss (or Comfort)

Lately I have been feeling the need to unplug a bit. As an author, podcaster, and social media specialist – I am on digital screens quite a bit for what I do for a living. When I take a break from the technology I find what I want to do is be outside (granted, this Read More

The Courage to Not Give Up. A Conversation with Katie Groves

From Katie: “I am almost 54 years old and I am legally disabled due to Neurogenic Cardio Syncope (my brain doesn’t tell my heart to beat correctly all of the time) and Conversion Disorder (very similar to PTSD). On January 5, 2014, I passed out at church 3 times before rescue arrived and spent 1.5 Read More

Menopause: An Ending and a Beginning

It’s been a week since the blood test results came in. My ob/Gyn proclaimed: “without a doubt, you are menopausal”. MENOPAUSAL This did not come as a real surprise for I have been on the cusp for a couple of years. It is just so official now. I have been processing how I feel about Read More

The Courage to Let Go: A Conversation with Cara Beckett

I had the pleasure to interview my friend, Cara Beckett, recently on my show. She is one of the most interesting people I know and I know you will feel the same way after listening to or reading our conversation! Beginning her training in bodywork in the early 80’s, by 2002 Cara realized that the Read More