Treat Me Like a Lady: a Conversation with Singer and Songwriter Vshali Sanas

I had the pleasure to speak with a remarkable young woman recently on my show, Vshali Sanas. Listen in or read the transcribed conversation below- you won’t want to miss this one. Thank you, Vshali! Listen on iTunes or Spotify too! Debbie DiPietro: Welcome to Courageously Go! where we will venture into places we’ve been Read More

Scarf Bomb Jax and more… A Conversation with Michelle Chance-Sangthong

I am excited to share the interview I had recently with my friend, Michelle Chance-Sangthong. Michelle is a professional speaker and online marketing expert. In her words on her website: I work with businesses that want more profits than ever before and drag apprehensive CEO’s out of the dark ages with my 20 years of Read More

From Fishing the High Seas to Skiing Mountaintops: A Conversation with Sierra Anderson

This is the second time I have had the privilege to interview this amazing young woman. About seven years ago, I had a nice chat with Sierra about her deep sea expeditions in Alaska and her media production company. These days, Sierra is competing as a member of the USSMA team. When I spoke to Read More

A Morning Reflection

    I just bought a new sketch book to write in for the new year. I started writing in it last night and continued this morning. I thought I would share with you what came out… What I believe is who I am. So what do I believe? I believe in kindness and the Read More

Go with the New for the New Year: Take the Challenge!

      On our most recent podcast, we did something a little different. My producer, Joe Dobzynski, interviewed me. I am excited about the coming new year and I invite you to join me on a special challenge I have designed with you in mind… It is called Courageously Go! into the New. Listen Read More