Toni Lontis: Memoir of a Broken Little Girl Discovering a Woman of Strength and Beauty

I would like to thank my most recent guest, Toni Lontis for sharing her story with all of us. Learn more about Toni on her website. You may also listen to our conversation on Spotify, iHeart Radio, and iTunes!

Transformation through the Power of Music – a Conversation with Debra Price

Since 2000 Debra has Empowered and Encouraged Women and Young girls through sharing her music at various venues such as conferences, churches, concerts, radio shows, festivals, clubs, colleges, shelters, including parks etc. Her goal is to help women uncover their inner beauty, confidence and strengths through the power of music. There is healing for our Read More

Courageous, Kickass Confidence – A Conversation with Alyssa Dver

  Chief Confidence Officer, CEO & Co-founder of the American Confidence Institute, Alyssa Dver is the expert on the brain science and social secrets of confidence. In individual and group programs, Alyssa shares confidence-building tips, tools and techniques at MIT, Wharton, Harvard, IBM, Spotify, Wayfair, Pepsi, US Air Force,┬áState Street, Liberty Mutual, Staples, Royal Bank Read More

What the World Needs Now: Empathy. A Powerful Conversation with Comedienne Judy Carter

I first saw Judy Carter about five years ago at an all day Women’s health event here in Jacksonville. She was the keynote speaker and had me laughing more than I recall laughing in years! Later in the day she was there selling her book, The Message of You. I bought a copy and enjoyed Read More

What Does a Sore Throat Have to do with Courage (or lack thereof)?

As a child I had a lot of strep throat infections. My parents took me to many doctors in Honolulu asking if they would just remove my tonsils. They were always told: She will outgrow them”. My tonsils remain intact. I did have a good many more throat infections throughout my young life. For the Read More