A Conversation with Olympic Gold Medalist Shannon Miller

  I had the good fortune to interview former Olympic Medalist Champion Shannon Miller. As the most decorated US gymnast of the Olympic Games, I was a little nervous but as it turns out I had no reason to be.

The Six Essential Truths of #Go!

When you are feeling afraid or unsure, read or say these statements out loud in front of a mirror. I believe in you!    I choose COURAGE I use my VOICE I embrace the NEW I welcome CHALLENGE I GROW

What Does a Sore Throat Have to do with Courage (or lack thereof)?

As a child I had a lot of strep throat infections. My parents took me to many doctors in Honolulu asking if they would just remove my tonsils. They were always told: She will outgrow them”. My tonsils remain intact.

Courage Requires a Decision

  I don’t think courage just happens. I believe we have to decide to be courageous. Why do I say that? We are humans and it is in our nature to be afraid of the new, to stay with what

From Mad Men to #MeToo: Self-Defense and Personal Safety Then and Now

Hello everyone. I am very excited about sharing a conversation I had recently with my friend and guest, Sensei Janet Nelson. In many ways, Janet exemplifies what it means to be a courageous woman. You can listen to our podcast