Change Happens

Change happens and that can really test our courage, can’t it? We are creatures of habit and often resist change. Change represents moving from what what we know to what we don’t. The unknown can be scary and it can

Courage and Light

The more we choose courage, the more light we bring into our lives. What do I mean by this? The light we experience may come in the form of: increased confidence attracting more of what we want in our lives

Courage Opens Doors

Courage opens doors. I know this to be true. When I turned 50 September of 2016, I decided to choose courage- to dedicate my life to courage. Since then, what has happened? 1. I got my first book published. 2.

What Does Courage Mean to You?

How do we live a courageous life? It might help if we define what courage means to us. I am sure we each have our own idea of what being courageous means to us. This would make a great journal

I Am Humbled and Thankful…

Do you know the feeling you get when you have climbed a very steep trail and you get to the top? How do you feel? You are thankful that you made it, right? And you enjoy the view (while catching