The World of the Professional Sommelier: a Conversation with Del Frisco’s Lauren Webb

I will just come out and say it. I love wine! I love drinking it of course, and I love learning about how the wine was made, the region of the world it comes from, etc. With every sip I feel like I am travelling to another part of the country or the world. Wine Read More

A conversation with Ayn Cates Sullivan, Ph.D. Author of the Legends of the Grail Series

What inspired you to write the Legends of the Grail series? The Legends of the Grail series began thirty-five years ago as a personal journey to find the Sacred Feminine. It came in the form of a spiritual quest while I was living in Britain. I visited hundreds of sacred wells, stone circles and thin Read More

Toni Lontis: Memoir of a Broken Little Girl Discovering a Woman of Strength and Beauty

I would like to thank my most recent guest, Toni Lontis for sharing her story with all of us. Learn more about Toni on her website. You may also listen to our conversation on Spotify, iHeart Radio, and iTunes!

Thank You to My Many Great Courageous Guests!

We have been blessed with so many great guests lately. I would like to thank Natalie Louis Natalie turned her mess into her powerful message of victory as she bounced back from heartache and shame. Her passion is to help women recognize the queen within and become the best version of themselves that they can Read More

A Conversation with Weight Loss Nation Founder Diane Daniels

From Diane: “My name is Diane Daniels and I’m the founder of Weight Loss Nation I started Weight Loss Nation out of necessity! A lifetime of using food for comfort in between diets – I’ve tried every diet program out there – had left me eighty pounds overweight, and too tired to truly enjoy life. Read More