A Morning Reflection



I just bought a new sketch book to write in for the new year. I started writing in it last night and continued this morning. I thought I would share with you what came out…

What I believe is who I am. So what do I believe? I believe in kindness and the importance of challenging ourselves and experiencing new things.

I believe that fear is a powerful motivator and mentor as it points out what we need to learn, become, and work on right now. The way to make fear work for us is to choose courage as our compass. As courage becomes our North star, anything becomes possible.

So if you are feeling butterflies in your stomach, your heart is thumping, and sweat is beading up on your brow… Those are all good things. For they mean that you are alive!

I believe we are here to grow. A good journal writing exercise for the new year… Make a list of what you are afraid of. Then decide that 2019 is the year that you create a wonderful chapter in your life with fear and courage helping you.

I also find it helpful to take an assessment of my values. I do this periodically. Maybe once or twice a year. For example, I just listed down my values last night and again this morning. There are many but these really seem to jump out for me right now:

Animals, love, intelligence, adventure, beauty, prosperity, growth, fun, outdoors, health, family, God, joy, exercise, education, courage, achievement, and success.

What are your values? What are your beliefs ? Write in your journal. Feel free to share in the comments here.

I also invite you to join me on a new challenge for the New Year. Enroll today! Use code “COURAGE” for a special discount (good until January 31st at midnight).

Have a very blessed Sunday.

~ Debbie

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