A Fun Journal Writing Exercise


Anytime you want to get excited about your life, do this journal writing exercise…

List ten things you are excited about. That is it!

Are you ready?

1, 2,3…  #Go!



If this were me, here is what I would write right now!

Ten things I am excited about!

  1. My Courageously Go! Podcast
  2. My two kittens Sammy and Winston
  3. Date night that we have with my parents tomorrow night
  4. My daughter is working and seems happy
  5. Planning our next adventure: a trip to Italy for next year!
  6. Getting clear on my purpose and the good work I am here to do 🙂
  7. Seeing my clients succeed (when they thought they couldn’t).
  8.  The longer daylight we are now enjoying in the evening (my favorite writing time)!

Your turn. Enjoy!





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