A Conversation about Courage with the English Sisters!

I recently had the good fortune to speak with my friends, Violeta and Jutka Zuggo, also known as The English Sisters. They called in from Rome, Italy to be guests on our show. You can listen to the podcast here: Courageously Go!

or you may read the transcribed text here…. We had such fun. Thank you ladies!

Debbie DiPietro:               Good morning, this is Debbie DiPietro, creator of The Warm Milk Journal, my blog, that is all about living the life of our dreams by day, and sleeping restfully at night. This new show of mine, Courageously Go! Is all about courage, because when you think about it, it all starts with courage.

I am so excited about today’s guests, and I know you’re going to be thrilled too to meet these ladies as well. The English Sisters, Violeta and Jutka Zuggo, divide their time between working in London, and Rome, and travel worldwide. They are stress management experts, hypnotherapists, best selling authors.

Their book Stress Free in Three Minutes was featured in the Rochay Elite Magazine 6th Edition, alongside Richard Branson and Paul McKenna, two of the most inspirational leaders in their niche and in business. They work with leaders, entrepreneurs, celebrities actors, and CEOs to lower stress levels, and to increase happiness, creativity and well-being.

When you first spend a few minutes with the English Sisters, you absolutely know that they get it, and that they have the secret of being really happy in everyday life. The next thing that you realize is that rather than hold on to the secret, both sisters are happy to share simple, and fun ways of how to live love-living life to the full.

The English Sisters are known as the everyday hypnotherapists because they bring hypnosis and its wonderful benefits into everyday life. Their everyday hypnosis YouTube videos are appreciated worldwide for their relaxing and therapeutic effects. Their videos guide the viewer into a state of light trance, while bringing about positive changes throughout the viewers’ day.

Another passion of theirs is a regional Luxury Vintage Lighting, which they have developed into a business sourcing luxurious lighting for their discerning clientele. Their Luxury Vintage chandeliers have been features in #luxuryhomes on Instagram, and find homes in the most luxurious properties in celebrity homes around the world. Sounds exciting. Violeta and Jutka, welcome to Courageously Go!

Violeta:                                Hello.

Jutka Zuggo:                       Hello, thank you so much for having us.

Debbie DiPietro:               My goodness, I can’t even tell you, I’ve been just waiting for this day, and you are calling us from Rome, Italy right now, are you not?

Violeta:                                Yeah, we’re delighted to be here, we’ve been waiting to this day too. Lovely to be here on the show.

Debbie DiPietro:               Thank you, it is. We go back a little ways, because we became acquainted some years back when my Warm Milk Journal was just getting going, and I was writing, of course, a lot about anxiety and stress because that’s often issues that keep a lot of people awake at night, and we were sharing some of the same hashtags, I believe, back then, with anxiety and stress. We somehow, we connected up and became friends, and I’ll never forget that video you did for my Warm Milk Journal readers, do you remember that?

Violeta:                                We do, we do. It was a long time ago, you’re right, we have come on a long journey of friendship. Isn’t it amazing that we can connect like this without actually having met in person?

Debbie DiPietro:               Right, on the other side of the globe. I mean, here I am in Florida, and there you are in Italy, it’s just such a crazy, wonderful world we live in these days. I think so anyway. What are you two excited about? Let’s start off with that, what is going on in your lives, and what are you excited about?

Jutka Zuggo:                       Well, we’re excited about so many things now, we’re thinking about publishing another children’s book, which is going to be about helping the little ones with insomnia, because there seems to be quite a few children nowadays that do suffer from anxiety, and they do need a little help with falling into a comfortable, gentle sleep. Then, we’re also very excited about-

Violeta:                                About our Luxury Lighting. We’re also writing another book as well. We have a few projects on the go, and we’re being very courageous about them.

Jutka Zuggo:                       Yes, yes, we love the fact that your show is called Courageously Go!

Violeta:                                We do.  In life, one has to be courageous because it can be just a challenge getting up every day, if you’re not excited about life, and if you’re not excited about your day. Sometimes you do have to do the opposite of what you would want to normally do. If you’re not really excited about the tasks that you have in mind, or the things that you have to do that day, but then you actually say “Yes, I’m going to be courageous, I’m going to go for it.” Then you actually get up and you do go, and it’s funny how everything just sort of falls into place.

Debbie DiPietro:               It does. Yeah, it’s amazing if we just decide just to do it, even if we might be a little reluctant, or a little fearful, we do it anyway, right?

Jutka Zuggo:                       Yeah, that’s right.

Violeta:                                Yeah, I think, if we just have that like kind of mantra, just do it anyway, you will end up doing things. The more things you do, the easier it becomes to do those things, and to do new things, and to change and become excited about life, because the more things you do, the more we learn, the more experiences we have in life, the more our lives become enriched.

Jutka Zuggo:                       Yeah, it’s absolutely. Yes, it’s about sort of being comfortable by doing things that make you a little bit uncomfortable at first, and then you slowly become comfortable when you’re actually doing them, and then you start thinking “Okay, what’s the next thing that might make me feel just a little bit uncomfortable to begin with?”

Debbie DiPietro:               It’s good to challenge ourselves and push ourselves out of our comfort zone. I’m finding, since I turned 50 last year, I decided “you know, Debbie, you need … It’s about courage.” I’ve always been a little bit shy, a little anxiety, quite a bit of anxiety over the years, and I had challenged myself to choose courage. Even if it’s just starting off with little things, it’s kind of the power of habit, just “Okay, what today can I do, something that I’ve never done before?” Even if it’s just a little thing, and just do it, then it’s amazing.

When I do it, I’m like “Oh, I thought all these years, I could never have done that, but I did it and I’m still here, I feel so much better.” Just taking that, and just getting in the habit of like you just said, try new things, challenging ourselves in getting out of our comfort zone. I have to say, you two ladies, I’ve been following you for years, and I really admire you both, you are truly, I would say, you are such good models of truly living that courageous, in heart felt life. It’s really obvious that you really are out there and you just do what you love to do.

It’s not the most conventional things, but you just, it’s just awesome all the things you do, and it’s just so fun to follow you.

Violeta:                                Thank you, like you say, isn’t always conventional, we are all unique, and we all have our own gift to give to this world. It doesn’t mean you have to follow the mainstream, or do what everyone else is doing. You should follow your own dreams. If you can imagine doing something, it means that you can do it. You might need some help along the way, or you might need someone to give you a little encouragement, but if you can imagine doing something, you can actually do it.

Jutka Zuggo:                       We used to imagine working together, and then when you, that was very unconventional, because normally when somebody goes to visit a hypnotherapist, a therapist, it’s usually just one therapist there, unless it’s like us,  but that’s already quite unusual. It was very unconventional to call ourselves The English Sisters, yes, you’re right, we’re totally unconventional, but yet we thought “Hey, you know, this is who we are.” And it did take courage, it took a lot of courage, Debra, to actually sought out to begin the brand, to believe in the brand, to get out there, to go online, to make the YouTube videos, at the beginning there wasn’t so many around.

No, it took a lot of courage, actually, to get out there. I mean, in the beginning we used to drive around with these stickers on our cars, which had our faces on it, The English Sisters pictures. Can you imagine around here in small villages of Italy, people used to stop the car and say “What is this?” Our husbands, our families, they were going “Oh, my goodness,”

Debbie DiPietro:               What are they doing?

Jutka Zuggo:                       We’d be driving around with these stickers on the car, and we thought “Sure, this is our brand,” but gosh, I mean, we really did have to motivate ourselves and have the courage to decide that this is something that we really wanted to do, and every day we would have to motivate ourselves and psych ourselves up.

Violeta:                                Because we felt as if we were the English Sisters and everything, but then actually to have the stickers. I mean, you have to be quite brave because people stare at you all the time when you’re in the car. It’s got our faces, it’s not just a random publicity. It is something that needs courage, and our husbands have said “Do you really have to go around with those stickers?” Our kids would say “Mom, do you have to have these stickers on the car to do the school run?” And we’d say “Yes.”

Jutka Zuggo:                       “We do, because this is our brand, and we’re building it.”

Violeta:                                Then, they would get it, though, we did get a lot of support from our children. Our husbands not so much.

Jutka Zuggo:                       “Can’t you just do something a little calm at the house? We get that you’ve got all these studies now, and you’re both hypnotherapists, and that, but can you not be quite so passionate about it?” When you’re starting out, you need that kind of passion, you really do need the courage, the passion.

Jutka Zuggo:                       You need courageously go, that’s what you need.

Debbie DiPietro:               Yeah, we need to do it.

Jutka Zuggo:                       You need to do it all the time, every day, you need to believe in yourself, what we would always say is “Let’s keep this idea, this big idea that we had of becoming really, making the brand really big, and let’s keep it like a little delicate seedling, and keep it protected and safe.”

Debbie DiPietro:               Yeah. You have the vision, the imagination, and the courage. Look at you now. There’s so much, and I wish we had a longer show, because I know there’s so many things to talk about. Let’s start with this, let’s start with … I might be pronouncing it wrong, this hypnotherapy, or hypnosis, let’s start there with your NLP training, and interests, I think that would be really interesting for our listeners. How did you get started with all of that?

Violeta:                                Well, it was just by chance, we were at a bar with our friends just having a glass of wine, a drink, some cheese, or something, they had like a little local party. One of our friends started talking about NLP, Neuro-linguistic Programming, and how you can run your own mind and your thoughts, you can decide what thoughts to think.

We just “Wow” and how language affects the brain. I, Violeta, I just went [inaudible 00:12:07], Jutka was interested as well, but she was busy [inaudible 00:12:10] children at the time. Then, I just went on to start the NLP, and then you didn’t want to get left out, did you? When you saw how amazing-

Jutka Zuggo:                       No, I did not want to get left out, especially when Violeta started to use hypnosis. She started to use hypnotic conversations with me, she started using the language with me, and I was beginning to feel the effects on myself.

Violeta:                                The calm effects.

Jutka Zuggo:                       The calm effects, and I thought “Wow, this is potent stuff. I really want to become part of this, I want to have this in my life, I want to have these tools, just to be able to cope with daily living.”

Violeta:                                I mean, the hypnosis, what we’ve learned, it’s just been invaluable. If [inaudible 00:12:56] see one client, just for our own personal lives, that’s why we like doing our everyday hypnosis, because we just think “To be able to learn this skill of using hypnotic language, it’s just so helpful to everybody.” It just changes your life, the way you think about things, the way you do things, the way you talk to people with conviction, with courage, it just makes you a more confident, well-balanced, rounded person. It gives you the tools that you need for everyday living with anxiety.

Jutka Zuggo:                       Yes, absolutely. .

Debbie DiPietro:               What kind of issues do people come to you for help with?

Jutka Zuggo:                       Most of the time it’s anxiety, and really, a lot of the time it’s also-

Violeta:                                Stress.

Jutka Zuggo:                       Yes, stress, anxiety, you know, motivation, learning how to be courageous.

Violeta:                                When we’ve had the celebrity client that was building her brand just recently, and  from the States, and she needed help with actually seeing her vision on going forward, and investing in herself. She really wanted,  on television, she really wanted to take it to the next level. I’m just doing a little bit of coaching with hypnosis together with the hypnotherapy, it really gave her the go to be able to get up and go and do it.

Jutka Zuggo:                       Yeah, absolutely.

Violeta:                                It’s like you say, being women, being entrepreneurs, being hypnotherapists, knowing our stuff as well, because we’re over 50, we’re on mature age, and we’ve had life experiences, I think we have a lot to share to be able to give to our clients.

Debbie DiPietro:               Yeah. Typically, how many sessions and how soon can people see results from using this kind of techniques?

Violeta:                                After the first session, they’re already seeing results.

Debbie DiPietro:               Really? Okay.

Violeta:                                Yeah, absolutely, absolutely. Because when our clients see us, they just go away feeling different because of the language we’re using with them, and the techniques we use with them. If someone comes to us feeling anxious, they’ll go away feeling more relaxed, and as the days go by, they’ll notice that they’re more empowered, they feel more and more relaxed, less anxious, more willing to get up and do things, and go for new experiences in their lives.

Jutka Zuggo:                       Yeah, they tend to become creative as well.

Violeta:                                Then, it depends on the client. Some clients come enough to one session, that’s enough, because they’ve already got everything inside them. Other times, we see people for six or seven sessions.

Debbie DiPietro:               If someone wanted to work with you, how would they contact you?

Violeta:                                Write us an email englishsisters@gmail.com, we’re on every social media, platform, or Facebook, people can just find, just google “The English Sisters.” If one of your listeners wanted to work with us personally, the best thing it’s just send an email.

Jutka Zuggo:                       Yes.

Debbie DiPietro:               Okay, let’s hear that email again, just so our listeners out there get it.

Violeta:                                Englishsisters@gmail.com.

Debbie DiPietro:               Okay, that’s pretty simple. You don’t have clients just there locally there in Rome, Italy, do you? You work with people all around, don’t you? All around the world.

Violeta:                                We go to London a lot to work with clients, and also we just go [inaudible 00:16:27] for the day, or for a couple of sessions or more there with them. Otherwise, we see a lot of people on Skype as well. Now, with this fantastic technology there are no excuses. If you’re feeling anxious, or stressed, there’s so much help out there, we really recommend that you get the help, do no wait, because it doesn’t do any good to wait.

Jutka Zuggo:                       No, no, no.

Debbie DiPietro:               You’ve written a few books. Let’s hear about some of your books. You mentioned the children’s book about insomnia that you’re working on, what else have you written?

Jutka Zuggo:                       Our latest one is Stress Free in Three Minutes, which is a compilation of hypnotic stories to take you from a stressed state of mind into a calm, relaxing state of mind in literally, it does work, it’ll take you from one state to another state in about three minutes, which is roughly about the time that will take you to read each story. That’s a powerful book because of the hypnotic language in the book, and the hypnotic suggestions that stay with you in the days or weeks to come.

Debbie DiPietro:               That sounds great. Is that book available? Where can someone order that book? That sounds like something a lot of us could use.

Violeta:                                Yes, Stress Free in Three Minutes, it’s available on Amazon, or any good book shopping.

Jutka Zuggo:                       Yeah.

Debbie DiPietro:               Okay, before we run out of time, I just have to hear a little bit about your lighting business, I think a lot of women out there would be interested in this. I think of you now, whenever my husband and I are out at the home furnishing stores, or the antique galleries, I always think of my friends, I always think of you two. Let’s hear about this, and how you got into it, because I know this is a real passion of yours right now.

Jutka Zuggo:                       The thing is, living here in Italy, we’re just like surrounded by these gorgeous lights. Of course, we also have the Venetian [inaudible 00:18:28] the Murano lighting here. As we said, it’s always been a passion of us, and we decided “Let’s turn this passion into a business.” We had to be courageous there again, and we thought “Yes, let’s turn this into a proper business where we source the lights directly here, from Italy. We choose them, and then we’re opening up an online shop, and we’ll sell them.” Most of our clients are actually from the States.

Violeta:                                It’s been a wonderful journey, really-

Jutka Zuggo:                       It’s really exciting, yeah.

Violeta:                                We get lovely feedback. It’s amazing, it’s amazing. It’s also lovely to recycle these treasures  It’s just lovely to see something from the past going on and shining light on the future, in people’s homes.

Debbie DiPietro:               I love that, say that again, that’s … shining light on our future. Go ahead.

Violeta:                                The past, we love to see something from the past shining light in the future, in our clients homes.

Jutka Zuggo:                       Yeah.

Debbie DiPietro:               That’s beautiful, that makes a good tagline if you haven’t already used that already, that’s just lovely, I love that. If we had anyone out there that would like to see some of your beautiful light fixtures, and vintage chandeliers, is there a place we could visit? Do you have like an Etsy shop, or a special website just for that?

Violeta:                                If you visit our website, englishsisters.com, you’ll find the Etsy shops on there as well. Otherwise, just go to our Instagram, and you’ll see all the links there, which is The English Sisters. Or just directly on Etsy, google The English Sisters at Etsy.

Debbie DiPietro:               Okay. You both are so delightful, you know, just sitting here and having this conversation with you, you are both, you have such a positive energy about you, I feel so inspired and happier just listening to you, you’re so uplifting. Finally ask you this, we have just a few minutes, because you’re over there in Europe, and there’s just a lot going on in the world as we all know, how would you share with us, some of us who might be reluctant say to travel to Europe, some of us here in the United States, or perhaps people in Europe who want to travel here, and there’s so much fear going on out there, how do we deal with the fear and all the turmoil that’s going on in the world, and stay positive and uplifting like the two of you are?

Violeta:                                Yeah, first of all, we would say, don’t let fear rule your life. Because you could walk out your door and you can get run over. Things happen all the time, bad things happen all the time to everyone, but do you really want to look back on your life when you’re 90 and look back and think “I lived a life of fear,” or do you want to look back and remember the time that you were in Rome, or in Las Vegas, and those happy memories? In the end, when we travel, we’re creating memories for ourselves.

When we are old, and frail, and on our deathbed, we will look back and the only things we will remember are our loved ones, the connections we created, and the memories that we created together. Make sure that you’re building every day, you’re building beautiful memories for yourself that you can use when you’re feeling stress, and when you’re feeling anxious. You can use that lovely memory to just relax and feel good about things.

Debbie DiPietro:               That’s great advice. My husband and I, I haven’t shared this with you two yet, but my husband and I are actually planning a trip to France this spring for our wedding anniversary. We’ve never been to Europe together, it’s easy to say “Should we do this trip now with everything going on?” But you know-

Violeta:                                Absolutely, absolutely.

Jutka Zuggo:                       It’ll be a wonderful trip, full of lovely experiences for both of you, memories to treasure, absolutely go for it, France is gorgeous.

Debbie DiPietro:               I’m so excited.

Violeta:                                It’s a wonderful .

Jutka Zuggo:                       Wonderful. Yes, it’s such a lovely occasion for both of you.

Debbie DiPietro:               Absolutely, yeah, I’m really excited about it. We are just about our time, we have maybe one minute left. Any last words to our listeners before we say goodbye for now?

Jutka Zuggo:                       Just be courageous, just don’t let fear rule your lives.

Violeta:                                Do what makes you happy.

Jutka Zuggo:                       Do what makes you happy, and go for it, go for it, go for it, go for it, forever.

Debbie DiPietro:               Yes, Violeta and Jutka and you’ve been an absolute delight, and it’s been such a pleasure knowing you all these years. I look forward to, we’re going to have to meet in person, we’ll have to meet up in Europe, or here at the States, one day, I would love to meet you. I just thank you for your time, and calling in to be a part of this show today.

Jutka Zuggo:                       Thank you, thank you, Debra.

Violeta:                                Thank you so much for having us, and thank you for all the good that you do in the world.

Debbie DiPietro:               It has been my pleasure. Until next time – Remember this, it’s our time to shine, let’s make it so, and courageously go!


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