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Debbie DiPietro is an award winning blogger, host of the popular Courageously Go!™ Podcast, Speaker, Author, and Social Media Specialist.

Through her writing, speaking, podcasting and facilitating online course communities, Debbie’s highest aim in her professional life is to help women discover their courage, voice, and joy.

Everything that Debbie offers supports her three beliefs about
1. We need never feel stuck in our lives – no matter our age or circumstances.
2. We humans are not meant to be so sedentary. We need to move as much as we can.
3. Life is an adventure. Let us make the most of the time we have by having adventures and seeing the world.

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Debbie, why courage?

I discovered on my 50th birthday that everything starts with courage. When we begin to listen to our hearts, set our compass to courage, and take action in the direction of courage – wonderful things begin to happen in our lives.

Debbie, why write a collection of short morning prayers?

These beautiful little verses would come out of me when I was blogging for my Warm Milk Journal. There is something special about early in the morning when the house is quiet and you may be sipping on that first cup of coffee or tea… this time of day can really affect the rest of the day depending on what we do and choose to focus on. Why not start the morning off connecting to our higher power and having a little conversation with God?

Debbie, how did you get into blogging?

I have always been a writer. Writing to me is very healing and I have always written in a journal and used to write stories as a child and young adult. When I was a forty something mom and school teacher, I started my Warm Milk Journal blog about the insomnia and anxiety issues I was challenged with for many years. Evidently, this resonated with many and before I knew it I had won a blogging contest organized by Success Magazine.   Through my blog, I found my voice, healing, a new career in social media, I got a book published, a podcast, and public speaking engagements. So many doors of opportunity have opened simply because I started a humble little blog back in 2010 as a  sleep deprived mom on the free WordPress platform called The Warm Milk Journal.  

Debbie, how is it that you have a your own podcast?

Life is so fun and I just love serendipity. Almost a year ago (June 2017) I was in Clearwater, Florida for some public speaking and marketing training with Speaking Empire.   There, I met Dr. Gayle Carson, aka Spunky Old Broad. It turns out that she has her own radio show and network of women broadcasters who host shows for women primarily 50+. I first was a guest on her show,  Living Regret Free. A short time after that, she asked me if I wanted my own show! The Courageously Go! podcast was born! 🙂

I will say this, I never saw myself hosting my own podcast but it has been and continues to be a marvelous adventure!

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