50 Shades of Life: A Conversation with Mai Vu

Recently I had my friend Mai Vu on the show. Mai and I met a couple of years ago while we both were attending a public speaking training session in Largo, Florida together. Mai is truly one of the most authentic and courageous women I know. I know you will enjoy her!

Best-selling author of The Divorced Mom’s Guide to Dating, and international speaker on various topics like: “Are You Dating Like a Peasant…begging for love and attention instead of attracting the love that is rightfully yours”? Mai Vu has been featured on CBS, Fox, NBC, ABC, in Entrepreneur Magazine, Wealthy Women Magazine, and Mr.Dad podcast, just to name a few. Mai is changing how women across the world work, love, and lead. A master coach and relationship lifestyle expert, Mai has worked with over 2000 clients worldwide and has trained over 1000 life coaches through two international coaching training schools.
Mai believes that relationship is key in everything we do or want in life. Teaching people her 3Ps Concept and Relationship Building skills are her superpower.

Thank you, Mai, for sharing your time and wisdom with us! Learn more about how you can work with Mai on her website: MaiVuCoach.com . She also has a great Facebook community you join in on called Bold Brave Women.

You can listen to our conversation here:

You may also listen in on iTunes!

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