A Fun Journal Writing Exercise

  Anytime you want to get excited about your life, do this journal writing exercise… List ten things you are excited about. That is it! Are you ready? 1, 2,3…  #Go!     If this were me, here is what

Increase Your Energy For a More Courageous Life #Go!

#Go!   Energy is so important. Without it, we can’t do all that we want to do with our lives. Whether it is work or play, we need good energy to perform activities. I have been reading and re-reading the

Self Care Takes Courage

We are busy. Yes, that is true. It is easy to get into the busy-ness of our lives with all of our responsibilities and then after awhile we realize we are forgetting the most important thing: taking care of ourselves!

My Heart Breaks When…

My heart breaks when: We are focused on politics rather than quality of life. When people feel like they are stuck and have no way to change their life circumstances, When teachers are not supported, When women are exploited, When

Do You Have a Drink the Wine List?

Do you have a drink the wine list? The idea came when my brother-in-law Charles very unexpectedly and out of the blue passed last year. When my husband went to clear out his condo he found much clutter, unopened boxes