The Courage to Look at and Move Toward What You Want

Focusing on road blocks and feeling stuck vs. trying new things and seeing doors begin to open. Which scenario works best for you? It’s easy to fall back into what we are used to doing, stories we are used to

The Courage to Make a Move (any move)!

I love the name of this new platform of mine: Courageously Go!™ It is active and it certainly suggests movement. One message I want to share with all of you and I don’t mind repeating it is this: No matter

When the City of Light Beckons…

Last August (eight months ago), it hit me. I had to go to France– Paris in particular. Why France was calling me, I had no idea. I love good wine, the French language, and have great memories of my brief

If you are here from The Warm Milk Journal, Welcome!

If you intended to visit The Warm Milk Journal and you ended up here, I welcome you to Courageously Go! In many ways, this platform is simply an extension of the WMJ. Life is not static. We all grow and