How Women Can Prosper Together: A Conversation with FemCity Founder Violette De Ayala

I am so excited about the conversation I had recently with Violette De Ayala, founder of Fem City. I had the privilege of meeting her a few months ago when she visited our FemCity Jacksonville chapter. She is an amazing

What Happens When You Choose Courage?

What happens when you choose courage? Many wonderful benefits begin to manifest in your life such as: 1. Feeling stronger 2. Getting more clarity on what you wish to do in your life 3. Having a magnetic smile 4. Carrying

It Takes Courage to have Faith

It takes courage to have faith… When circumstances look less than stellar and our minds tend to ruminate in the cellar For we are afraid and that is the conditioned response… I believe there is a much better option and

Saying Yes to Me!

I say yes to me by: 1. Allowing myself to make mistakes 2. Giving myself time to pause 3. Think BIG and instead of saying “Why”?, I ask “Why not”? 4. Forgiving myself and others 5. Creating and then keeping

Tackling Stress and Overwhelm: A Conversation with Snowden McFall

*Note from Debbie: I was so honored to have Snowden McFall on as my very first guest. For someone so accomplished, I found her to be very down to earth and I believe we had a great conversation. You can