Welcome to Courageously Go!™
Where we will venture into places we’ve been afraid to go…
Citizens of the world,
We are going to start a movement-
A movement towards courage

Because when we choose courage, make courage our compass and move in the direction towards courage, wonderful things begin to happen for us – we become confident, experience more joy and the freedom that comes from living a heart-led authentic life.

Our mission is this: To encourage and support every person on their path to courage.

Meet Debbie DiPietro,

Courageously Go!™ Confidence Coach 

“Inspiring Courage ~ Igniting Confidence ~ Living Joyfully”!


“I am passionate about personal development, books, yoga, travel, cats, my husband, the outdoors, and drinking wine (not necessarily in that order)”.

Debbie DiPietro is on a mission: to help women choose courage! She believes that when we live from our hearts by choosing courage, the life of our dreams and a better world for all are possible! For many years Debbie suffered from anxiety and self doubt. She wrote about these issues which caused many years of insomnia in her award winning blog, The Warm Milk Journal. Debbie is a contributing writer for Success.com and author of Short Morning Prayers: A Collection of Heartfelt Prayers to Start Your DayWhen she is not at work, she enjoys walking on the beach, drinking a glass of red wine on her back patio, and dreaming up her next adventure!

She invites you to choose courage and live confidently and joyfully.

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